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  1. Wifezilla

    Stray cat ate my quail

    All of them. Hard to hate the cat, because it wasn't just a kill for fun thing. It ATE them. So I am guessing it was feral and VERY hungry. I am doing a total rebuild on the pen. All hardware netting. So if you have jumbo browns for sale in spring, be sure to look me up
  2. Wifezilla

    HELP for little "Twister"??

    New hatch. Found her head flopped over her back sideways ...laying on her back. She and her clutch-mates hatched last night. Mom already kicked her out of the nest. I am guessing some kind of neurological issue, but she seems strong so I am willing to give her a chance. So far I have taken some...
  3. Wifezilla

    Sexing question - new pix

    My coturnix quail are a few weeks old now. I have been watching them feather out and I am not seeing anyone with redish feathers on the breast. In fact they are all pretty speckled. Do coturnix quail go through a period where they look like girls and then boys get their "big kid feathers"? Ducks...
  4. Wifezilla

    There's one in every crowd! - new pic

    Picked up my coturnix quail babies from the feed store the other day. 5 are typical and seem oblivious to the fact that a person is feeding them and changing their water. They freak out a little when the "giant hand" reaches in to fuss with things, but are generally absorbed in their little...
  5. Wifezilla

    HELP! They changed the feed! Only 22% protein!!!

    I can no longer get game bird/meat bird starter. Naturewise stopped making 28% starter and now just has a generic 22% protein crumble. NOW WHAT?!?!?! I have found a great game bird feed online, but with shipping I am sure it is going to end up costing me around $50/bag. What could I...
  6. Wifezilla

    All girls?!?!?!

    Do I need to buy a powerball ticket??? All pure Welsh Harlequins. 6 of the little fuzzballs. This one has the darkest bill in the batch. This is how mom's bill looked when she hatched. "Does this come in any other flavors?" Anyone see any boys? There was one egg I found when...
  7. Wifezilla

    Hey quailladyoffortmyers!

    I have some of your babies Chandra gave me a quad of quail from your eggs. VERY nice looking birds
  8. Wifezilla

    Pretty swan photo! This whole site has some excellent photography, but I really like the swan pic
  9. Wifezilla

    "Eggnant" Dino Fossil Found

    "A pterosaur has been found in China beautifully preserved with an egg. The egg indicates this ancient flying reptile was a female, and that realisation has allowed researchers to sex these creatures for the first time." Cool photo with...
  10. Wifezilla

    USDA to launch small-scale livestock operations study

    USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) will launch a national small-scale livestock operations study in March 2011. Known as Small-Scale Livestock Operations 2011, the study will take an in-depth look at the health, marketing, management, and biosecurity practices of livestock...
  11. Wifezilla

    Genetically Modified Chickens

    "UK scientists have created the world's first genetically modified chickens that do not spread bird flu. Writing in Science journal, the team says their work demonstrates it is possible to create a variety of GM farm animals resistant to viral diseases. The research team inserted an artificial...
  12. Wifezilla

    I need to buy a potato...seriously

    Not just ANY potato, but I want a Korean Purple Sweet Potato so I can make slips and then grow them in my garden this spring. If anyone has one of these, please let me know. I will also consider other early maturing varieties that will grow in Zone 4 like Envy, White Frazier, etc... I know many...
  13. Wifezilla

    A Christmas Card from Colorado Enjoy
  14. Wifezilla

    FREE Welsh Harlequin Hatching Eggs (1 dozen)

    You pay the shipping and the eggs are yours! Already packaged and ready to ship. Ducks are from Metzer, McMurray and Holderreads. The flock is a mix of gold and silver. All purebred Welsh Harlequins. One of our drakes (Cartman) was killed last night and we think he has excellent traits worth...
  15. Wifezilla

    Predator attack. Cartman is gone. Culprit Identified!

    Not sure what it was. The pen netting is torn down and Cartman (Welsh Harlequin drake) had his neck broken. Wendy (WH hen) also had a neck injury. Some blood and some wheezing. Possibly punctured through. She is resting in a straw filled tote in the back room. If she makes it through the night I...
  16. Wifezilla

    My duck is injured and a pain in the butt :P

    My June hatch silver welsh harlequin, Prairie Dawn, has somehow injured her wing. Maybe one of the boys got a little rough with her. Not sure. Anyway, her wing is drooping and I can see her shoulder twitching like she is having muscle spasms. We tried wrapping her in vet wrap to keep her wing in...
  17. Wifezilla

    Favorite Christmas Parody Song

    I have several... Christmas Time in Hell (Southpark) Christmas at Ground Zero (Weird Al Zankovic) Holy **** It's Christmas (Red Peters) The Night Santa Went Crazy (Weird Al Zankovic) Your turn!
  18. Wifezilla

    Vote for my photo FAIL :D

    I just uploaded this to If you think it's funny like I do, please vote. This was at my local Borders today and I had to snap a pic
  19. Wifezilla

    Micro ducks and chicken it the soy?

    We have our share of micro ducks and runt chickens popping up on the forum. I have wondered if it was some form a dwarfism, but I am suspecting something, GMO soy and GMO corn. "Campbell hamsters that have a fast reproduction rate were fed for two years with ordinary soya beans...
  20. Wifezilla

    A broody coturnix??? New Photos!

    I got lazy about collecting eggs from the quail pen...lots of overtime at work and garden work. So when I went egg hunting I found my quail Keiko doing an imitation of a fluffy pancake on the spot where they like to lay eggs. She didn't move when I opened the hutch door and totally gave me the...
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