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  1. kaffleck

    Incubator dead. Can't replace till Tuesday. Will my eggs be ok?

    Hiya, I had 6 eggs in my mini incubator at 8 days. The incubator died and was cold for a number of hours, but I stuck the eggs on a hotwater bottle wrapped in a towel, with a fleece jumper above to warm them up again, and when I candled last night there was movement in 4 of them. I'm continuing...
  2. kaffleck

    Eggs not turned for about a week and best hatch yet!

    Hiya, I've just had my best hatch of all time even though my incubator wasn't turning for a good few days in the incubating period. The alarm kept going off and I thought it was because the heat had dropped. Took me several days (at least 7!) to work out what was wrong! I turned them myself for...
  3. kaffleck

    Duck eggs set today. What should I do differently?

    Hiya, I've set my first ever duck eggs and have the incubator set to 28 days. What's the recommended incubating and hatching humidity for these? Any other tips you found useful? Thanks in advance, Kirstie
  4. kaffleck

    Lock down and I'm nervous!

    Hiya, just opened the incubator for the last time today to top up water. One of the eggs is already cheeping! Thinking it could be an early hatcher as my last 2 hatches were a day early too. It's a bantam cross - do banties usually hatch earlier than full sized chickens? I candled last night and...
  5. kaffleck

    Low hatch rate - suggestions needed

    Hiya, I had 4 good looking eggs and 1 iffy one when I left the incubator in lock down and had to go away for a few days. Day 20 one chick hatched and was helped out of the egg by my partner. I wasn't here so couldn't say how long the incubator was open for or anything. Now it's day 22 and the...
  6. kaffleck

    Candling question - day 15

    Hiya, I have wyandotte eggs in the incubator. I candled at 8 days and saw development in 5 of the eggs. One egg was odd though at time with a strange shaped air sac and lots of veins on one side and the black ball bit in the clearer side. I put it back and when I candled again at 10 days it...
  7. kaffleck

    Expired near to hatch chick - what went wrong (WARNING - GRAPHIC PICS)

    Hiya, I open up an unhatched egg today (nearing the end of day 22) and this is what I saw. It's my first attempt at hatching and I want to see if there's anything I can do to increase my hatch rate (although it turns out only 2 eggs were viable so 1 out of 2 isn't that bad!). Now I know pretty...
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