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  1. MilesFluffybutt

    Growth in Cross Beak's Mouth (Non-emergency)

    Hello BYC Community, So my little hospice care cross-beak cockerel, Hawke, is still with me, which I'm glad for because he is a delight. Plus, my dog loves him so it gives her company when I'm not home. Despite his cross-beak, he is able to eat on his own, if I can get the consistency of his...
  2. MilesFluffybutt

    House Rooster

    Hello wonderful BYC community, Several months ago I rescued a days-old cross-break chick, figuring it'd be hospice care. Well, I must have done something right because the little guy is still with me and doing well despite his beak, his kinked neck and a host of other maladies. He even eats on...
  3. MilesFluffybutt

    Bear Deterrents?

    Hello BYC Community, I've had three bear run through my property this year. The first two visited on the same day within two hours of each other. In broad daylight while everyone (myself, dog, cat, chickens) were outside. The larger of the two thought briefly about hitting up the coop, but for...
  4. MilesFluffybutt

    FOR Sale: Colorful A-Frame Chicken Coop

    COLORFUL A-FRAME COOP FOR SALE. It's 8.5ft long, 4.5ft base and 5ft at the pitch. I housed 8 very large bantam hens in it, but has potential to be used for quarantine/chicken hospital, time-out coop, or brooder/grow out coop. Well-maintained and relatively clean. Could use some tightening up...
  5. MilesFluffybutt

    Rescued Silkies - Covered in lice, toe nail fungus

    Hello, BYC Community. Earlier this week I assisted in the rescue of four Silkie hens who were living in absolutely deplorable conditions. The coop was disgusting - no lights, no heating, no ventilation, no windows, leaking roof, rotted floor caked with inches of nasty bedding and waste -...
  6. MilesFluffybutt

    Swollen joints on chick

    Hello BYC Community, I have a month old cross-beaked Silver Laced Wyandotte chick that I rescued from Tractor Supply. Until yesterday he (I think it's a he) has been an extremely active chick. Running, jumping, pecking, following me around the house, etc. Today I noticed a bit of swelling on...
  7. MilesFluffybutt

    Chick Enrichment

    Hello BYC Community! Long story short... I walked into Tractor Supply, saw a cross-beak Silver Lace Wyandotte chick in the bin, decided I needed to give her a chance, and convinced management to sell her to me. I didn't press for a friend for her because I didn't count on her surviving, but...
  8. MilesFluffybutt

    Recommendations for Rain Barrel Heater

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a submergible heater for a rain barrel? I'm hoping to avoid lugging water from the house to the coops all winter. I'll also take recommendations on the barrel itself. Thank you!
  9. MilesFluffybutt

    Stubborn case of Bumblefoot

    I have a rooster that has been battling a very stubborn case of bumblefoot for two months now. He's been in the chicken ER aka my bathroom since. He's kept in a kennel at night but gets free run of the bathroom during the day. However, over the course of this month he has lost a pound. He was...
  10. MilesFluffybutt

    Chicken Saddle

    I'm looking for saddle recommendations for a Silkie hen. She's my rooster's favorite gal and given that she's molting, she's a little bald in spots.
  11. MilesFluffybutt

    Broken toe?

    Hey there, My rooster, Mick, has a funky foot issue going on. His entire toe is stiff, swollen and sore. He limps and has been standing on one foot. The swelling is particularly noticeable around toenail. It''s very bulbus.There is blood seeping from beneath the skins, where it mets the toenail.
  12. MilesFluffybutt

    Hen laid weird 'egg'

    Hi all, Found this hanging out of my 20 week-old Silkie hen this evening. She just started laying. Her abdomen feels like a water balloon. Any idea what this is? How can I help her? Thanks.
  13. MilesFluffybutt

    Enlarged Vent

    Good morning, I have a 18WO Silkie hen that has an enlarged vent. She hasn't started laying yet, but she has to be close. I've felt her vent and her abdomen for swelling, hardness and abnormalities and nothing feels out of the ordinary. Her poops are good. She's eating and drinking normally. I...
  14. MilesFluffybutt

    How to treat punctured foot with swelling (not an emergency)

    My dear boy, Yeti, has a puncture wound in his foot. It looks to be a couple of days old, but I only noticed it tonight due to the swelling. I cleaned the wound with a little soap and water then soaked his foot in Epsom salts for about 10 minutes this evening. After the soak I sprayed it with...
  15. MilesFluffybutt

    FREE Faverolle Chicks - Vermont

    Looking to rehome three 8-week-old Faverolle cockerels. I paid extra to have them sexed... Clearly someone was having a bad day 'cause I ended up with 4 boys, 4 girls, instead of 8 girls. - Purchased from Cackle Hatchery on June 19, 2017 - On medicated feed - Not vaccinated - Friendly and...
  16. MilesFluffybutt

    White Silkie roos need a new home - Vermont

    I am overrun with roosters, and regrettably, do not have enough time to keep a rooster flock. So I'm looking to rehome a few Silkie roos. They're great birds with gentle dispositions and great personalities. I will not send them home to someone who's going to put them in the pot or send'em to...
  17. MilesFluffybutt

    Hens Wanted in Vermont

    Looking for a two or three hens to show my flock of Silkies and Faverolles the ropes. They don't have to be laying, just assertive. I live in north-central Vermont. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  18. MilesFluffybutt

    Behaviorally challenged cockerel

    So I have one of my cockerels (13 weeks old) in time out for being a real d-bag - feather pulling and harassment. He's on day 2, and honestly, the flock has been so peaceful. He's in a bachelor pad all by himself. I've blocked his line of sight to the other birds as best as I can, but I'm sure...
  19. MilesFluffybutt

    Deformed feet

    Last weekend I rescued a 12WO Silkie with deformed feet. I suspect it's too late to correct with a bootie. Pigeon doesn't have too much trouble getting around - he runs, walks and jumps and is able to roost for short periods. I suspect there is some discomfort in the left foot - the worst of the...
  20. MilesFluffybutt

    Silkie cross, maybe?

    My aunt, who isn't on BYC, is convinced these are silkie-crosses. She bought them straight run from a chain farm store in April so they about 12 weeks old. Thoughts?
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