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  1. chickenboy1993

    where can i get cornish bantams near western va

    I'm looking for good quality cornish bantams near western va
  2. chickenboy1993

    anyone have banty cornish eggs?

    I'm looking for banty cornish eggs if anyone has any shoot me pm
  3. chickenboy1993

    Looking for Show Quality Cochins

    Im looking for Show quality cochins i would like to have them from birds who are champions in shows.if possible it would be nice to see some of your birds. Thanks for looking.
  4. chickenboy1993

    what breed is this? i have no clue

    this chicken is almost a year old and i still have no clue what it is. heres the comb and head. heres the comb and some of the feathers heres his neck colors head and body he has feathered feet his body colors his head head again his whole body
  5. chickenboy1993

    can my bantam be bred by a large americauna?

    my buff cochin went broody and is setting on somewhere around 8 or 9 eggs and i dont know if they are fertile because the only roo i have seen on top of her is a large americauna. can he be breeding her?
  6. chickenboy1993

    help with ID of rooster *PICS*

    i hatched this rooster but have no clue what he is i was thinking he could be an iowa blue but what are yall thinking? i have a 4 of these and im positive there all roosters
  7. chickenboy1993

    pullet or cockeral sultans?*PICS*

    i have three sultans and i dont know if there males or females ill put pics on in a lil BIRD 1 - body and comb picture bird 2-body and comb pictures Bird 3 body and comb pictures- any ideas?
  8. chickenboy1993

    grouse? anyone have them?

    im looking for some grouse anyone have them?
  9. chickenboy1993

    does anyone have grouse eggs or raise grouse?

    im looking for some grouse to raise does anybody have any eggs or birds?
  10. chickenboy1993

    how good is the brinsea octagon 20 advanced digital incubator?

    im thinking about upgrading my 2 lg incubators to a octagon 20 advanced digital im wondering how good they are before i buy because there expensive 330 dollars expensive and i want to get a good idea of how good they hatch and how hard they are to adjust and all that
  11. chickenboy1993

    what kind of pen did yall make for your broodys i need ideas

    i have 2 hens that have chicks and i need to know what kind of pen to put them in for just them and there chicks so they dont fight with the other hen or the roos
  12. chickenboy1993

    how do you cure cocci or what do you give your chickens HELP!

    i have a bunch of chickens and i dont know which one it is but theres blood in some of my poop out in the chicken barn any idea on what to give the chicks? the feed is medicated also
  13. chickenboy1993

    chick still not out its been 24 hrs do i help it? its still chirping

    chicks still not out and its been 24 hrs its chirping still so its still alive and i dont want it to die
  14. chickenboy1993

    if a chick hatches early is it going to survive? another ? on page 2

    i have a chick hatching on day 19 its late on day 19 so will it be normal or will it be defored? will it survive?
  15. chickenboy1993

    i think ive lost it i hear chirping on day 19?Help!

    its day 19 and i hear chirping is that normal or am i losing it
  16. chickenboy1993

    is this an americana or aracauna or ee? or a mix?

    i got this as a surprise egg and im wondering what breed it is its got ear tuffs and black legs i know its a rooster because its trying to crow
  17. chickenboy1993

    when do i take a chick from its momma?

    i got dutch batams and 2 hens hatched out 3 and 7 chicks i was wondering when do i take the chicks away from the momma?
  18. chickenboy1993

    WTB: Cheap pure polish eggs

    im looking for polish eggs i can get under 15 with shipping i know its going to be hard to find some for that price but it doesnt matter what color if you can put a picture of the parents
  19. chickenboy1993

    poultry sale every 3rd saturday expoland Va

    every third saturday of the month there is a local poultry sale for people around augusta and rockingham county last month there wasnt many people so i thought maybe more people would go if they saw this its $5 for a set up fee its a tailgate poultry sale
  20. chickenboy1993

    how much should i charge for sultan eggs

    i have sultans that are not old enough to lay but i was wondering how much should i charge for there eggs?
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