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  1. utahmethodist

    Natalie Portman is one of us!!!!!

    Check out this funny video on WARNING: this is a G-rated video but not everything on that site is.
  2. utahmethodist

    Two tone egg

    I found two weird eggs in the roost area this week. One was a big mystery there. But the other was odd-colored. It was medium brown on one half and light brown on the other. It was as if it had been dipped half-way down in Easter egg dye with a perfect demarcation between the...
  3. utahmethodist

    Snail shells for calcium supplement?

    First a little background. A) We have a lot of snails here. My chickens are allowed to free-range in our little backyard during the day and they're very good at finding all the snail hiding spots. I'll frequently find them hiding behind a perennial bashing a snail against concrete or a rock...
  4. utahmethodist

    Salt Lake County chickens.....article in Tribune

    This is in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune. Chickens are legal in the city but (ironically) not in some of the outlying communities in the Salt Lake Valley. But there is a big movement underway to change that.
  5. utahmethodist

    Earwigs in the nest box....blech!

    I cleaned out the nest box yesterday and was disgusted when I found earwigs wriggling around in the bottom of the box after I removed the straw. I tried to shop-vac them out but obviously enough of them hid from me because I looked under the fresh straw today and there they were again. I...
  6. utahmethodist

    Is it a coop? Is it a tractor? I don't know, but it works. (pics)

    This contraption is not quite done (it needs wheels and a proper roof) but I had a request to show it so here it is. A little background first: against my husband's wishes I brought home two chicks in March. He thought I'd completely lost my mind and threatened to send me back to my daddy on...
  7. utahmethodist

    Another first egg story! (pic)

    It must be the right time of the year for first eggs because we just got ours yesterday too. All morning my 20-week-old Buff Orpington, Miss Prissy, was just incorrigible. She was crabby and wouldn't stop screeching at everyone. She also was obsessed with getting access to her nesting box...
  8. utahmethodist

    Interesting article for you urban chicken owners

    This article is in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune. It's about how popular it's becoming in Salt Lake to have a few laying hens in the back yard. A local non-profit called Wasatch Community Gardens had a lecture on urban chicken-raising on Wednesday and...
  9. utahmethodist

    Purslane anyone?

    I'm reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan right now and he mentions that purslane (the weed or garden green depending on your POV) is exceedingly high in omega-3 fatty acids. So I'm thinking this would be a great thing to feed the pullets when they start laying. Anybody here feed their...
  10. utahmethodist

    stupid, out-dated anti-chicken ordinances

    Here in Salt Lake City chickens are perfectly legal (with some guidelines) and many people are now raising a few hens in their backyards. There is a big movement here to support more sustainable agriculture by membership in food co-ops, membership in CSAs (Community Sustainable...
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