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    Help, chicken attacked by a horse

    My friend just called and her chicken has one leg that is hanging like a noodle, can a chicken survive with one leg? Her comb is torn, but it appears that it isn't going to be a big problem. she also thinks she may have been kicked in the body but of course she has no way to tell for sure:(...
  2. newchicks

    do lice or mites die

    Do lice and or mites die when it gets cold like fleas or ticks? And how do I know a mite from lice? I feel terrible, I thought they were molting and then I noticed the one girls butt looked dark and funny. They are thriving but it must really feel yukie. Poor girls!! How long does it take for...
  3. newchicks

    red chapped looking feet

    One of my hens has red chapped looking feet and legs. It started last week and while I was gone over the weekend it crept up her legs. What could it be and how can I help her?
  4. newchicks

    integrating a rooster

    I have 2 grown hens and someone dropped a rooster off in my barn. If I were to keep him how do I integrate him so as to make it easy for my girls?
  5. newchicks

    unwanted rooster, what do I do

    Someone dropped off a rooster in our barn yesterday. He was in a cage with a water dish and a note written with a computer covered in a plastic sleeve. It said, Hi My name is Little Mikey, I am needing a good homeand these two chicks ae cute. Can I stay? Can I huh, Can I huh, huh Can I. I...
  6. newchicks

    quick questions

    How long does a hen stay broody? There's NO rooster and she doesn't even have any eggs in her nest. I take her off her nest 2 times a day for food and water, but she doesn't always drink. How long can she go on with this light diet? I want to do the best I can for her. By the way I only have...
  7. newchicks

    how long will she be broody?

    One of my 2 girls has gone long will this last? By the way there is no rooster. I took her off her nest this morning, she ate and drank, came up to the house and had a few treats, but then it was right back to the nest. What can I do to help her get over this, and how long could...
  8. newchicks

    frost/ice bite?

    Oh my, on Dec. 27th here in ks. We had an ice storm, I was with my DH in NE. celebrating a joyful 34 yrs. of married bliss. I have 2 RIR's that with the cold and bad weather, and time change, had become rather confused with getting themselves in their barn before dark. I called the chicken...
  9. newchicks

    chickens and moles

    Happyheart early said that her neighbor likes her chickens because they help him get rid of his moles. We never had moles when we had our shepard rotti mix. she loved hunting them. We have a black lab now and no matter what she is low girl on the totem pole, poor girl. But we've had a huge...
  10. newchicks

    she's ooohhh so shy

    We've never had chickens before until just a few months ago when 2 showed up at my dh's office. We've had horses, cattle, dogs and cats, and I should have know that these girls would have their own personalities just like my 4 legged friends and family. The one girl is so in your face at all...
  11. newchicks

    eating eggs

    Some of you may have opinionated 30 year olds also, but my dd was appalled with the fact that I was giving my girls their own eggs, though cooked. She was worked at a vet college for a few years and said she couldn't help but feel that feeding the chickens their own eggs could possibly cause...
  12. newchicks

    Will I disturb my girls?

    How disruptive is it to the hens to have their bedding changed in their laying boxes? Will it make them stop laying for a time, or do they like the fresh clean hay? I only have 2 girls, so it doesn't seem dirty yet. If they poo in it I just pick it out.
  13. newchicks

    cold weather &heat lamps

    My DH and I are getting our 2 girls ready for winter...they are in a part of the barn that is the size of a single car garage. There's pine chips on the dirt ground, hay and straw bales around the edges to keep the drafts out, and bales up to their roost. Being such a large building for just 2...
  14. newchicks

    knocking on the door

    I've had a crazy busy day today and I wasn't home for the better part of it. I got home at 3:00 ate lunch and was visiting with my Mom on the phone. My two girls were outside getting blown in the wind when I heard a tap tap tap at the back screen door. I said to my mom I think the girls are...
  15. newchicks

    Santa Claus came in October

    Santa came in HD and I brought home some hay and straw bales today for our 2 girls. They have a whole section of a barn that we used for our horse, so they have a high ceiling and a large space, not at all a coop. So to keep them warm and give them some extra alternatives for...
  16. newchicks

    can chickens over eat sunflower seeds?

    During the winter months we feed the song birds that stay around sunflower seeds. My concern is that of course the song birds spill a lot of seeds out of their feeders, and I'm sure my 2 girls will discover these extra treats. Can they over eat the seeds. Could they get sick or too fat from...
  17. newchicks

    honeynut cherrios

    I was having my breakfast outside on the patio with my 2 girls hanging around hoping for a treat ..I didn't have any but the honeynut cherrios in my bowl. So I handed them a couple and they gobbled them up and then I gave them a few more, and then I tossed a few in the grass for them to search...
  18. newchicks


    This maybe a silly queestion, but are the eggs no good if they freeze? Can you eat them right away if they do freeze? Or should they just be tossed? Thanks.
  19. newchicks

    I'm done!!!

    I thought I had just figured out what my 2 girls were doing. One laying, the other not, one molting, one not. Most days one egg, then two. Then one went broody, then I was getting 2 eggs. Then back to one egg. Now it's 2 eggs today and both girls took turns in the nest. I thought the one that...
  20. newchicks

    Molting or hiding eggs???

    I only have 2 RIR's that just turned up out of thin air at my husbands office. We think they were someones Easter chicks and they dumped them off. So we're thinking they must be about 5-6 months old. They have been laying eggs for about a month. One I think got broody and I took her off her nest...
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