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  1. pkeeler

    Need to reduce flock

    Need to reduce my flock; had a big hatch this year and the hawks left us mostly alone. Looking for good homes for our birds. BYC wanted a $5 reserve price, but for BYC'ers who want to pick up, any offer is fine and we can work out things on the phone. Contact Patrick (609) 457-1130 I can...
  2. pkeeler

    Miracle Chick!

    Was walking by the garbage can just now and I heard peeping from inside. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We had two hens hatch 8 chicks about 10 days ago. After they left the nest, I collected the unhatched eggs, tapped them to see if anything was ready to hatch, and then put them in the...
  3. pkeeler

    Anyone's hen actually ever freeze to death?

    I can't help but be amazed at all the posts of people deathly worried about their chickens and cold weather. Has anyone ever actually lost a hen they could definitely attribute to cold? Where the hen was in a dry coop, adequately fed and watered? For all the hundreds of posts of people using...
  4. pkeeler

    Strange chick behavior

    I have a flock on 1 year old chickens, I also have 15 18 day old chicks in a brooder. The flock free ranges and today, for the first time, I let the chicks out too. Most of the chicks huddled away from the older birds. But one barred rock pullet (suppose to be), did the strangest thing. This...
  5. pkeeler

    collective defense

    Was sitting out on the deck reading BYC with the chickens in the yard (they free range) when a hawk swooped through. Chickens went nuts and ran for their bushes. Hawk alighted on one of the pine trees. The rooster started his alarm call/get out of there call, "ba ba ba bwack". This seemed...
  6. pkeeler

    Pullet cut

    One of my pullets flew somewhere she shouldn't have. When I went to retrieve her I saw that she was bleeding pretty good. I took her inside to wash the blood off and maybe see the cut. Hard to tell, she might have had a couple of cuts along the wing and it looks like a decent tear in the skin...
  7. pkeeler

    Chicken grower substitute

    My local farm supply has 4 different brands of layer pellets but nothing else but medicated chick crumbles. My chicks are 10 weeks old and I really don't want to feed them the high protein starter and feeding them the high calcium layer pellets is a no-no. The feed store has turkey finisher...
  8. pkeeler

    What gender is this W.C. Polish?

    I got the Rare Breed Special at Murray and I only got one Polish. Most of the other birds I got more than one and the boys stick out from the girls now (8 weeks).
  9. pkeeler

    What breed?

    I've been trying to figure these chicks (7 weeks now) out since they came. Every couple of days they seem to be something then a part of their anatomy rules it out. I even called the hatchery and they couldn't figure out what they sent me
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