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  1. Futuregreenefarm

    Rehoming some or all hens and possibly rooster

    I live in North GA on the GA/TN line. I am looking to re-home some or even all my flock if anyone is interested. They are just mixed backyard chickens, 7 hens and 1 rooster. The rooster is very easy going and I hate to give him up really but I know he would probably be happier with the hens if...
  2. Futuregreenefarm

    Broody bunch and I don't want it....

    I have a lot of broodiness going through my flock. I only have 7 hens but I am running at least 2 screeching and turkey acting hens off their eggs each week. It has affected all the hens at least once with only one exception. This may be dumb but I think my runt hen (who "goes broody" every time...
  3. Futuregreenefarm

    Is this poop bad/egg production down

    I am wondering if this poop is something to worry about? I had a hen laying bad eggs and got some help here, told to give Tums and the hen does seem better. I have a drop in egg number and have seen this poop quite a bit. I think maybe the hen with bad eggs may not be laying. Don't care about...
  4. Futuregreenefarm

    Egg laying problem is urgent

    Any idea what I can do for this pullet. Had deformed eggs for 3 days and I just figured out which one today as she started sitting a lot with eyes closed and finally saw her also poop very yellow poop.
  5. Futuregreenefarm

    Cockerels available in North GA

    I have 2 cockerels available to take free. I have limited experience but they seem very docile to me. One is with the flock and very good to the hens. One is separated and lonely. I don't need them for protection or breeding and have limited room. The one with the flock seems really good with...
  6. Futuregreenefarm

    Making changes

    So if you know you're going to be making changes to housing and such, and knowing how it messes them up until they get adjusted, is it better to make them all at once or work up to things?
  7. Futuregreenefarm

    Look at the baby egg I got today lol

    Just thought it might give someone a smile!
  8. Futuregreenefarm

    Need help modifying A-frame for better roosting

    I have a prefab and a homemade A-frame coop. I have 8 chickens who pretty much only sleep in them or lay but in a run during the day. Originally, 5 were in the A frame and 3 in the prefab. As predicted by some already, 2 of the hens have moved to the A frame and sleep with the rest. They are...
  9. Futuregreenefarm

    Chickens acting crazy-is it cuz of Spring??

    I've had chickens one year in April so my first spring with hens and pullets and 2 cockerels. I have already separated the rooster from them not in charge. The other Cockerel though young seems pretty good to the hens. But 4 are laying and 2 are at point of lay. They act crazy sometimes. My...
  10. Futuregreenefarm

    Safeguard dosing/poopy butts

    I saw my Cockerel poop today and it had roundworms in it. I am certain. My local Tractor Supply has safegaurd I can afford. How would I dose it and can it be put on bread or something I can feed him? I can't hold him unfortunately. Also, I treated 3 pullets for tapes back in the fall. I used...
  11. Futuregreenefarm

    Cockerels North GA/TN line

    I have 2 cockerels I wish to re-home. They seem to act fine, normal cockerel stuff. I just wish to downsize due to limited room. I have a hen that could go with them. Disclosure: She is a proven layer and went broody twice in 2019 hatching chicks both in Spring and Fall. She is however somewhat...
  12. Futuregreenefarm

    Hard questions about feral hen/runt chick

    I've had chickens less than a year and all the chickens I have are from the same hen who is pretty much feral. She hatched chicks in the spring which I keep and got down to 3 pullets. Then she left. She hatched 5 more this fall and I have tired to keep her and the chicks with my 3 original...
  13. Futuregreenefarm

    Worming questions

    I am so sorry to repeat the same questions. I have searched and read on here and I admit, it just confused me. Sorry! I want to make sure I do this right. My pullet (the only one laying) has worms. I think this is tapeworm segments maybe? I can't handle my chickens readily so if I have to dose...
  14. Futuregreenefarm

    Can you sex 9 week old chicks?

    My chicks are 9 weeks now. There are 5 of them. One is definitely a cockerel and pretty sure one more is a cockerel. I think 2 of them are pullets. But the last one, I have no idea. Is it too early to try? And unfortunately, I have a phone with a busted camera now. This was the best pic I could...
  15. Futuregreenefarm

    Intergration question

    I have 3 pullets, 26 weeks old. I also have a mother hen and five 7-week old chicks who I planned to intergrate slowly but the hen did it herself suddenly when the chicks where only a few days old. She has protected them of course from the pullets. They have now been in the same run for almost 7...
  16. Futuregreenefarm

    I got my first egg today!

    not in the nesting box but pretty close!
  17. Futuregreenefarm

    Chicks crop

    I have a hen that hatched out some chicks. They are 2 weeks old. I noticed tonight as she was putting them to bed that their crops appeared to be really pooching out. Is this normal? I noticed earlier today they looked very prominent. Is this cause for concern? I am feeding them chick starter...
  18. Futuregreenefarm

    Picture of poop

    I have found this twice now. Just wondering if I should be concerned. I have 3 pullets around 21 weeks old not laying yet. It wouldn't have anything to do with that would it? It is warmer here so drinking alot of water could be a factor as well I guess
  19. Futuregreenefarm

    Free cockerels in North Georgia

    Live in Epworth, GA on the GA/TN line. 20 week old cockerels need new home.
  20. Futuregreenefarm

    Sorry..another rooster question :(

    I have a cockerel that 19 weeks. He's the leader. He crows close to me and sometimes when I am stooped down to their level, it feels like he crows in my face. He also does the herding dance around my second cockerel when I'm around but I've seen him do it to the pullets also. He's pretty pushy...
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