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  1. tothemoon

    Homemade Duck Ponds? Pics?

    Also interested in what kind of filtration system does everyone use for their duck/goose ponds?
  2. tothemoon

    Creating the Lavender Gene

    I have some waterfowl that currently has only buff and gray colors. I am wanting to create a lavender color and was wondering what colors I need to breed to the current colors to start creating this project. Thank you for any support you can provide!
  3. tothemoon

    Incubating Dewlap Toulouse Goose Eggs

    Do you still have and sell dewlap toulouse eggs or chicks?
  4. tothemoon

    Hatching Eggs Serama, Porcelain D'Uccle, D'Anver, Ancona & Australian Spotted Duck

    If your still selling the Quail D'Anver hatching eggs, I am interested. Would love to see some pics of the parents.
  5. tothemoon

    Do you still have ohiki hatching eggs?

    Do you still have ohiki hatching eggs?
  6. tothemoon

    Ohiki Chicken Thread

    This is beautiful!!!
  7. tothemoon

    Ohiki Chicken Thread

    Too many pages to go through! LOL....Looking for young adult birds or hatching eggs, good quality. Anyone still have anything available?
  8. tothemoon

    Ohiki Chicken Thread

    Do you still have any available? Young adults or hatching eggs? Love that lighter color Roo!
  9. tothemoon

    6+ Ohiki Longtail Bantam Hatching Eggs

    I am interested in hatching eggs and young adults. Are the pictures you provided of the parent birds?
  10. tothemoon


    I am searching for good quality Ohiki birds. Young adults or hatching eggs. Love the red pyle and solid white but will consider any color with good qualities. I just want a small pen of beautiful Ohiki for pets and eye candy. I have one female and would love to add a roo and at least 2 more females.
  11. tothemoon

    Ohiki and D'anver pairs for sale

    Still available?
  12. tothemoon

    Chicken supplement - wry neck

    Thank you, great advice! I have been hand feeding her boiled or scrambled eggs 2 or 3 times a day, she eats maybe a teaspoon before she gets to tired of trying to hold her head up enough to swallow. Is that enough egg for selenium intake? I will just drip the oil on her beak from now on, see how...
  13. tothemoon


    I have a bantam polish adult hen with wry neck (link to that post below) and it has led me to do some research on vit e and selenium importance in a chickens diet. My question is, what is the best supplement with good amounts of vit E and selenium, that I can mix in with my regular feed (must be...
  14. tothemoon

    Chicken supplement - wry neck

    I have a bantam polish chicken with wry neck, not sure if it is a brain injury or vit deficiency. What I am wondering is if I can get some info on how much vit E and selenium I should be giving her (adult bantam hen) and how to feed it to her. Also, what else should I be feeding her to keep her...
  15. tothemoon

    Peachicks lethargic & has never seen anything like it...PLS HELP!

    I have a peachick now that is lethargic, bloated and having a hard time with balance. i have never had pea's before so i am not familiar with their characteristics. I put them on un medicated 24% chick starter. This chick is a few days old and is with another chick just a day or so younger. The...
  16. tothemoon

    Exchequer Leghorn eggs

    Do you still have exhequer eggs? And pics?
  17. tothemoon

    Chicken Breed Focus - Ohiki

    I am interested in purchasing Ohiki hatching eggs or chicks. If you have some for sale or know of someone who does please let me know. Boggy Bottom Bantams is going out of business and selling off so they are not an option. Thanks!
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