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  1. momma-hen

    Which features are dominant?

    How do you know if a feature is dominant or not? If I breed a crested bird to a non crested, will I get equal amounts of each, or is one feature more dominant than the other? Same with leg color, shank color, etc. Where can i get such information, preferably written for novices (cause I've...
  2. momma-hen

    WTB Blue Polish Large fowl

    hatching eggs, chicks or breeding trio of Blue Polish (not white crested blue) Am in CT so may need to ship.
  3. momma-hen

    Looking for hatchery

    that sells sexed bearded Polish. Anyone know of any?
  4. momma-hen

    Idea needed for incubator

    I'm trying to assemble a home made 'bator, and I would like an 'egg turner" that keeps the eggs laying on their sides instead of upright. Something maybe like the thinging that goes round and round on a popcorn maker Any ideas? Please note, simple language is appreciated as I'm really...
  5. momma-hen

    WTB Pullets/Chicks fo both BBS Ameraucana and BC Marans CT or ship

    Hi all. I'm looking for QUALITY Blue Ameraucanas and Black Copper Marans started pullets or sexed chicks. I got plenty of roosters I'm in northeast CT, but willing to pay shipping for nice birds.
  6. momma-hen

    To all you home-made incubator builders

    There are some awesome designs in that contest! do you know how many watts of heating you need for the size incubator you are building?
  7. momma-hen

    Early Lonely Chick

    I had one hatch this morning. They weren't due to hatch until tomorrow night. Two long can I leave him in the incubator? And what can I do to appease his loneliness if he ends up being the only hatchling?
  8. momma-hen

    Power outage suggestions?

    The overnite is supposed to bring us wet heavy snow and ice with potential for "serious power outages" Of course I have 2 incubators going, and no backup generator. I will be gone (working) during the overnight. any suggestions on what to do with my bators to keep the eggs as warm as possible...
  9. momma-hen

    What would this cross produce?

    My splash roo was killed/disappeared and my BBS girls are on their own. I do have a black lavender split roo who is only servicing 2 girls. What would a BlackSplit roo and BBS cross result in? Would I ruin the BBS line?
  10. momma-hen

    WTB Splash or Blue Ameraucana Rooster, purebred

    My girls are heartbroken! Something got my Splash roo!
  11. momma-hen

    BBS Ameraucana color question

    I got hatching eggs from 2 sources for the black, blue, splash Ameraucana. I wasn't surprised to see white on the black chicks when they hatched, as I was used to that from the black Austrolorps I had. But they are now 4 weeks old and still have white markings here and there. What is the...
  12. momma-hen

    Where to buy?

    Official shipping boxes for shipping started/grown birds? Anyone know where i can get these? Thanks!
  13. momma-hen

    Need suggestions/advice

    Attached to our chicken coop is a covered run, which is attached to a fenced in field. Well, I should say WAS a covered run. We had attached the corrugated fiberglass panels to 2by4s that ran the span of the run. The wind tore them up and off and we are still looking for some of them! What can...
  14. momma-hen

    Still looking for pullets in CT/RI/MA HELP!!!!

    Standard size, any breed. 2-6 pullets. My roo is wearing his only lady out!!!!
  15. momma-hen

    Roost question

    I've seen so many roosts made of branches, I've decided to go that way in our new coop. How smooth do these branches need to be? the decent sized ones i cut have "bud" stubbles. Will that bother them?
  16. momma-hen

    Blue Wyandottes

    I've seen the blue laced reds, but are there any blue wyandottes to be had in the USA? All the pics of them on feathersite are from germany. Are they not raised here?
  17. momma-hen

    Still looking for blue/splash/black

    orpingtons. Anyone have any?????
  18. momma-hen

    Broody hen and my incubator

    I have a broody hen setting on three egss. I didn't let her keep more, as it is brutally cold and this is her first effort. The first couple of weeks, she would get up and eat. then she switched nestboxes She has been in this one for about 2 weeks, but she never gets up to eat. Nor does...
  19. momma-hen

    Hello! And Help!

    Hi all! new to the forum, but not chickens I'm a bit confused by the layout of the forums. I perused them a bit and then came here to general discussion. If it doesn't fit a particular category, ask here?(whre is the smacking myself in the head icon?)
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