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  1. melissastraka

    WA to AZ????

    How do you think chickens would do on a trip from WA to AZ???? We are talking about moving there in Jan-Feb because our friends are getting re-stationed in the Marines and that is where they are going and i guess we may be going too...who knows? But would they survive a 24-28 hour trip in a...
  2. melissastraka

    I cant handle the flies anymore!!!!

    Someone please tell me how to rid my coops of flies. I dont mind some files but this is like the black plague cloud of flies!!!!!!! I have tilled my run, mucked out the coops twice a week, change water and food 2 times a day, throw hay in the runs over the poo or wood chips...nothing is working...
  3. melissastraka

    WTB: Top Hats Please! WA State

    My DH, bless his heart, has been so good about my chicken obsession that i want to get some for him. He loves the Top Hats! I am looking for any or all kinds. I am hoping to get some for a reasonable price so if anyone has some please, please, please, let me know! Thanks sooo much! Melissa
  4. melissastraka

    WTB: B/B/S orps Lemon Blues, SLW, Polish

    Hi everyone! Now that i am back, I need eggs again. My bators are empty and it is too quite without new babies around. My wish/want list: More B/B/S Orps Lemon Blue Cochins-LF SLW-LF Polish Top Hats If you have any of these please let me know. I would need some asap so i can get them...
  5. melissastraka

    Hello everybody...I'm Back!

    Hey everybody!!! I am back!! Sorry for not being able to be on here at all and i am so behind in all the news and everyone's please update me!!! Also thanks for being so understanding and sending me prayers for everyone. We finally put Pat's mother in her final resting place on...
  6. melissastraka

    I am so sorry everyone

    I am so sorry to everyone that has felt like i have ignorred you or not answered any of my PM's. The last week has been rough on my family. I have been able to keep in contact with a couple of you but not everyone that i have needed to. If I owe you any money, it is being sent. Last week i had...
  7. melissastraka

    Best thing for biting flies?

    I am having a tough time with those tiny little flys in my coop. I cant even see them until i have been bitten! What is the best thing to do to keep them away from the coops and runs? I dont have electricity out at the coop and i really dont want to run a bunch of extention cords to the coops...
  8. melissastraka

    Happy Monday All!!!!

    Since it is the day we all dread the most, I decided to make this week wonderful just by wishing everyone a wonderful week!!!!! Spring is here, flowers are in bloom, chickens are doing well, kids are almost done with school and here, in WA, the weather is beautiful! Have a great week...
  9. melissastraka

    WTB: Does anyone have white orps?

    I am looking for some white orpington eggs. If you or someone you know has any, please let me know. Thanks so much!
  10. melissastraka

    Why are we never done...

    Cleaning our house? I swear, it seems to multiply when you are not looking! There are little green men that come and make a mess when i am sleeping and then when they hear the alarm they run into the walls and hide. I cleaned all day yesterday and cleaned up after our dinner party last...
  11. melissastraka

    What can you not live without?

    I just through a huge dinner party, state send-off for my husband's state qualifiers and their families. It was great! But.... I learned that i can not live without good plastic wrap. I got that Kirkland brand at costco and i am so not impressed! I will pay more for the other kind that...
  12. melissastraka

    Free silkie hatching eggs! Winner's Announced

    I am purchasing some silkie eggs from Jen to help her get her new house but I do not have any silkies or have room right now. I am offering up her 6+ eggs to someone. I will pay for the eggs and shipping to you. All you have to do is tell me why you would like these beautiful silkies! This...
  13. melissastraka


    I have to praise everyone who can raise meaties! i thought that it would be a good experiance for my kids to learn and help with their food but WOW, the smell!!!!! I am praising God that they are now outside...I was about to lose it and i mean my lunch! I brooded in my attached garage which is...
  14. melissastraka

    Prayer needed for a friend

    Today was one of the hardest days I think I have ever had to go through. I have already posted this story on a thread but this update was so sad for me, I feel that she needs prayers more then ever. In Feb., we lost one of our friends in the war. His Hum-V was attached to a remote bomb that was...
  15. melissastraka

    WTB: Here is what I need ASAP

    I am getting my last hatch for the season going soon and i still want to get a couple more breeds. If you have any of these ready to go as early as tomorrow, please let me know and your price. 12 B/B/S Orps 6 BLRW 6 Lemon Cochins All need to be LF Thanks so much everyone!
  16. melissastraka

    No one in my family thinks I am funny!

    I have chickens and turkeys. Every year we get a Turducken...I thought it would be cool to make my own. No one will let me get a duck! I am about to say "ooops, they must have sent me a duck egg by mistake, darnit!" Does anyone else agree or am i just crazy? Its not like i said a Tofurkey...
  17. melissastraka

    Planting grass in the run?

    I keep trying but my darn chickens keep eating the grass How do you keep grass there. It is a premanent coop because there are so many of them that i cant keep moving it. They have made it into a mud hole and you dont want to see what they have done to the tree roots around the run...
  18. melissastraka

    From Silkies to Meat Chickens? Funny

    I posted yesterday about how to tell silikes apart in a bantam bin at TSC. My DH had to go and pic up some feed for my brooder babies and i wanted silkies soooooo bad but i havent had a chance to hatch any yet so i went with the easy way...TSC. This place is evil. My DH cant resist any...
  19. melissastraka

    picking silkies...need respose quickly

    my DH is on his way home and stopping at TSC. they have assorted bantams in today. how do i explain what baby silkies look like? I cant go myself because it is over an hour away....please help me describe what he is looking for...I really want some silkies!
  20. melissastraka

    hey norcal....

    how funny is this? I just moved back to hoquiam from norcal!!!! scary huh? where are you down there??? are you going to college at humboldt???
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