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  1. brains

    Another chick question

    2 silkie hens sitting on eggs and 2 chicks. Moved both hens, chicks and eggs inside to get away from everyone else. Both hens were fighting so I moved the youngest back outside. Should I put the eggs back outside also or will one hen care for 2 chicks and 14 eggs?
  2. brains

    Another chick question

    2 silkie hens sitting on eggs and 2 chicks. Moved both hens, chicks and eggs inside to get away from everyone else. Both hens were fighting so I moved the youngest back outside. Should I put the eggs back outside also or will one hen care for 2 chicks and 14 eggs?
  3. brains

    New chicks again

    In the past whenever we go out of town out silkies hatch some eggs. Well just got back and I now have 2 out 3 chicks (one died) in a nesting box with 2 hens. There are also about 6 more eggs. I usually set up something inside for the hen and chicks but do I really need to? I also have 2 silkie...
  4. brains

    Chicken tractor

    I currently have 2 stationary coops and runs with 5 silkies, 6 golden comets and 6 barred rocks. I am thinking of making a couple tractors to get them out around the yard. My concern is how safe are they? Couldn't a raccoon or other critter dig and/or lift the tractor? I have never closed the...
  5. brains

    Need help fast

    Silkie hen has been on an egg and of course I am out of town. Well my mil is watching and feeding and told me we have a chick. The hen came out mad. What do I do ? How do I feed? I won't be home for a few days. First time with a hen having a chick. Should we get the chick out and in a box or...
  6. brains

    Barred rock painting

    So my family was over for Easter and none of them understand my chicken obsession. I brought in 2 four week old chicks and my sister of all people enjoyed them the most. Her being an artist she sent me this picture of her painting a few days after. Hope you enjoy Ed
  7. brains

    Moved my chicks

    I have 6 barred rock and 6 golden comets, they are about 4 weeks old and have outgrown their original accommodations in the kitchen. This is what I made out of some pallet wood for my first chicks My wife has been very tolerant since this has taken over my life. She jokes that I would pay...
  8. brains

    Roof rafter help

    I am making a 8x6 coop and need to cut the birdsmouths in the rafters. The rafters will be 2x6x8. Since I am making a lean to roof I cannot find the best way to cut them. Does anyone have any tricks? This is one of the few things left before I can move it out to its permanent location Please...
  9. brains

    Another new coop

    I already built a 4x8 coop for my silkies with an attached run. Now since I somehow picked up 12 more full size birds I need another coop. I have been picking up pallets and found a guy on Craig's list that was giving away an tree fort/house (basically the lumber) Big score. So last night I...
  10. brains

    Need help

    I have 6 barred rock and 6 golden comet chicks that are about 3-4 weeks old. All seem to be doing well until this morning. My wife called and said one was caught inside the feeder and could not get out. When she did get it out she said something was wrong with her wing. I came home and all seem...
  11. brains

    Hoop coop question

    Ok I need to build another coop for 12 new chicks I got last week. My plan is to build an 8' x 6' main coop with 4-6 nest boxes mounted on the outside. I am im the process of gathering pallets for this part. The front of the coop will hava chicken door that will lead out to a 4 panel hoop run...
  12. brains

    Couple questions

    Well I did it, I already have 4 silkies and love them, and spent a ton on their coop and run, nobody really knows how much I spent but I know I cannot go to Home Depot any more. LOL. Welllllllll I was at TSC and ended up coming home with 6 barred rock and 6 golden comets. Recently at work we...
  13. brains

    ? Broody hen and what to do

    I have 2 silkie hens and 2 silkie roosters. I started getting eggs and a month ago and I think from only one hen, usually every other day but at times every day. Today I went to the coop to give scraps and she was in the nest box and would not leave. She fluffed up and made some noise when I...
  14. brains

    Frozen egg with a split

    I have 2 silkie hens and usually get 1 egg every other day. I think only one is laying. I went out to get my egg and noticed it has a split and I would assume it is frozen since we have had really cold temps. Is this egg ok to eat once thawed? If not what can I do with it? Just compost?
  15. brains

    How do suggest I add a bigger run?

    Hope these pics show it. The current coop and run is 12ft long by 4 ft wide and it is built on a hill. The back side has the rain barrel and nesting box access. I can move the barrel but not the boxes. I wanted to add some type of small door off the run on the back to some type of fenced run...
  16. brains

    Finally the first egg

    I have two 9 month old silkie chicks and 2 roosters. I finally got my first egg, although only 1 I am really egg-cited
  17. brains

    What gender, I hope female?

    I have 4 silkies, 2 of which are obviously roosters. The other 3 I hope are female. Can you help me out? 6 months old and still no eggs.
  18. brains

    Added a rain barrel

    I figured I would add a rain barrel to water the chickens. I found a barrel in a ditch down the road and cleaned it out. I found some gutter and downspouts in the woods but they had holes all over. So this is what I came up with. I will use it to water chickens in the summer but use house water...
  19. brains

    Thinking about getting a few more chickens

    About a week ago I got 4 silkies about 3 months old. I am thinking now about getting a few more chickens, for eggs. I was thinking buff Orpington or something else. Anything you would recommend? Also I wants to get them about the same age, how can I keep the peace or will it not be a problem...
  20. brains

    Nest boxes

    I finished my coop and run and have 4 silkies about 3-4 months old. My question is should I open the 2 nest boxes that I have even though they are not ready to lay? The boxes have small doors that are shut now but when open are 12x12 boxes that hang outside the coop. Any suggestions would be...
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