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  1. TechEdFireman

    Free ranging in the winter?

    well if the water is outside and frozen and they get thirsty enough they will eat the snow.
  2. TechEdFireman

    Chicken wormer...

    Doesn't food grade DE work as a wormer?
  3. TechEdFireman

    Even number vs. odd number of chickens

    Just going from the title of the depends on how bad your OCD is.
  4. TechEdFireman

    Free ranging in the winter?

    Mine don't mind it at all...I snowblow paths to get to my wood shed they tear up the grass in those areas other than that I don't move any other snow for them and they do just fine all winter.
  5. TechEdFireman

    why do people think your horrible when you say u eat your chickens

    People ask what I do with my birds and I tell them and they constantly ask how can you do that, simple they aren't my pets I am raising for a specific purpose eggs or meat, when they stop laying I butcher them. They look at me like I have 3 heads, I tell its simple I know how they were raised...
  6. TechEdFireman

    help with older laying hens

    The leghorn is not known to have much meat anyways. The BR and RR will probably have more meat than the sex link but it will still have a good amount of fat. Either way you are still using up the meat, I always take my spent hens and either soup them or debone most of the meat and grind it up...
  7. TechEdFireman

    Beating a dead horse *Changed to Breeding Project Talk Update Post 71*

    I raised red broilers this past spring from Ideal, I got the .99 deal for 30 birds. Raised them to 14-15 weeks don't remember I used a custom 22% mash and they got to about 4-6lbs depending on if they were male or female. I have a batch of 50 Kosher king cockerals right now and they will be...
  8. TechEdFireman

    Kosher Kings?

    What hatchery? From what I have been seeing online they look like a alternative to the cornish cross like the freedom rangers, red and black broilers.
  9. TechEdFireman

    a mechanical plucker can toughen meat?

    I used my whizbang two Saturdays ago to do my meat birds and it would only tenderize the meat not toughen it. I was doing 2-3 chickens at a time at about 30-60 seconds so that amount of time I highly doubt it would even have time to toughen the meat. But boy oh boy make sure the scald temp and...
  10. TechEdFireman

    Correct "Dual Purpose" Chickens

    I had New Hampshire Reds from Ideal Poultry, I butchered them off this past weekend they were 2 years old and they were 1-2 pounds heavier then the buff orpington and americanas I butchered of the same age.
  11. TechEdFireman

    help w/ duck processing

    Try this site... is the Featherman plucker site but it has a demo of processing ducks and t.hey talk about the temp it should be set at.
  12. TechEdFireman

    Is there a cheaper way?

    I had a local mill custom blend 22% Protein and 3% Fat custom meat bird mash for me, they will eat from start to finish. I had to order a ton of it but I will sell off what I don't need on craigslist and that came out to be about $11.75 a bag after tax.
  13. TechEdFireman

    Feed Recipe

    I just had a 22% Protein and 3% Fat mash put together for my birds, they will be on this start to finish. Here is the recipe for a ton batch. 1200 Corn, 600 Soybean Meal, 48 Roasted Soybeans, 50 Oats, 50 Alfalfa, 50 Fish Meal, 1 Methionine, 1 Trace minerals.
  14. TechEdFireman

    Don't want to order 25...

    Ideal has cornish x
  15. TechEdFireman

    Processing feed question.

    Cracked corn and scratch should work fine for you.
  16. TechEdFireman

    Advertising campaign for Ducks

    I range my Pekins everyday right now, the only problem I see with tractoring them is that maybe 1-2 a week you would have to take them out and let them have some "playtime" in some water to clean themselves up and get the oil moved around. I know mine look pretty bad after a few days w/o any...
  17. TechEdFireman

    making a whizbang pluker

    I built mine last month and I got my fingers from Kent company
  18. TechEdFireman

    Our Turkey Processing Set-up Today

    I did my 2 BBB Christmas and Thanskgiving on Friday the hen was 33 live and 26 dressed and the tom was 57 live and 50 dressed out. I was able to scald the hen and put it in the whizbang but the tom was too heavy to lift into the scalder so I had to hand pluck that one. I enjoyed raising them...
  19. TechEdFireman

    Using a mechanical plucker for turkeys

    Here is a video from you tube about using a featherman plucker. You do all the same things as if you were going to hand pluck as far as killing,scalding. The plucker should be able to remove the tail and wing feathers.
  20. TechEdFireman

    Duck Carcass Storage

    I would say it would be fine to sit in the fridge for that 4 days.
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