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  1. cristina33

    Barnyard mix and polish chicks

    I have some barnyard mix chicks that I have for sale they are 5 dollars and some polish chicks that are 10 dollars. Feel free to contact me I am in Belchertown MA
  2. cristina33

    Is there a safe way...

    Is there a safe to mark chicks , I have a few eggs I am hatching for a friend with a bunch of other eggs and they are starting to hatch . Is there a safe way to mark her chicks like food coloring or something of that sort?
  3. cristina33

    Standard White Polish Quad ~ smooth and frizzle

    Those are the purdy sultans
  4. cristina33

    Best way to vacuum.....

    Wear a pair of those yellow rubber gloves run them under the water and wipe the stairs . It gets pet hair of anything ! You have to rinse the hair off the gloves to
  5. cristina33

    My 6 year old was fed Ham in school today. advice?

    Wow who would have thought this would be such a debate! The teacher made a mistake they do happen. Now she knows and it shouldnt happen again. I was raised with a differant religion was it my teachers job to know our practices NO!
  6. cristina33

    Valentine's Day and I am stumped

    Red Hen my hubby would love that . Hmmm you got me thinking after 18 years of married you fall into a routine sometimes its fun to mix things up a bit ! Its nice to suprise your man with something a bit differant and unexpected 'wink' Cristina ps ....please read the reviews if u choose to get...
  7. cristina33

    Name for our Silkie "farm" lol?

    Fluffy butts farm lol
  8. cristina33

    East Coast folks, who wants to rant about the weather?

    The snow storm we are getting on Thursday is suppose to be the biggest one we have had yet !! This is insane there is no place left to put it !! I am very worried about when it melts! Roofs are collapsing left and right . I think this is the worste winter MA has had in over 100 years! My chicken...
  9. cristina33


    your in box is full tryed to send u a message cristina
  10. cristina33

    Silkie not eating

    I would try some yogurt ............maybe a shot in the dark but my peeps go nuts for the stuff
  11. cristina33

    Regarding kindness I am going to out someone right now.

    that was soo nice , you are blessed
  12. cristina33

    Boston poultry expo show in N Oxford Ma Nov 7

    Ohh ok whew I had the on craigslist and the person told me he had to wait for his big freezer to arrive before he could get them ...I said umm we changed our minds lol . I am thinking 50. for the flock is that a ok price?
  13. cristina33

    Boston poultry expo show in N Oxford Ma Nov 7

    Does he want to eat them because thats a no go for me lol
  14. cristina33

    Boston poultry expo show in N Oxford Ma Nov 7

    I am thinking of bring my muscovey flock to sell . I have 7 of them 5 females 2 males does anyone think I could sell them as a group?
  15. cristina33

    baytril pills

    they are the purple ones , i dont have the injectable kind . I was thinking of crushing and putting them in the water . Dont know if its a good idea or a bad one?
  16. cristina33

    baytril pills

    can u crush baytril pills and put them in chicken water? I have some 22.7mg
  17. cristina33

    Rip Guienalady

    this was on her facebook it was dated sept 28th Attention all of Pam's friends I just chatted to Pam's sister Brenda stated that Pam is back in hospital condition is poor and she is on ventalator Lets start keep her in our prayers, She need to know that pulling for her. Sadly Pam passed away...
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