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  1. SproutGirl

    Day Old Chicks Imprinting On Broody?

    Has anyone had any luck with ordering day old chicks to imprint on a broody hen? I had ordered some eggs for my broody hen to hatch, but the company never sent them. So, after much waiting, I ended up having to order chicks. I am hoping that they will take to her as a mother, and her to them...
  2. SproutGirl

    Where Can I Find Cornish Hatching Eggs?

    Hi, I have a Leghorn cross that went broody (yeah, I know, go figure!) and I'd like to have her hatch out some meat birds for me. Does anyone know where I can get some fertile Cornish eggs, or other good meat bird eggs? Thanks!
  3. SproutGirl

    How to prevent perching in specific area

    Hello, I would like to prevent my birds from perching on the rafter above the heat light this winter, but I am not sure how to do it. It is the highest place in the coop, so I can see why they like it. But, it is also right above the light, so they poop on it and the poop cooks. Smells...
  4. SproutGirl

    Veggie Trader--Check It Out! Very Cool!

    Check out this very cool website. It's brand new, but I think it has some very good potential!
  5. SproutGirl

    Dove Eggs?

    Does anyone know of a reputable place to get dove eggs from? I have been reading about doves, and may want to raise them next spring. Thanks.
  6. SproutGirl

    2 Langshans & 2 Silkies Missoula, Montana

    Hello, I have a pair of Langshans available, one male and one female. They are about 2 months old and were hen-raised, free range. These are excellent birds. Large, hardy, good layers, and somewhat rare. I also have 2 silkies available. 1 black, and 1 white. Both are male, and they...
  7. SproutGirl

    Farm Business Humor

    Farm Business Humor! A man owned a small farm in North Carolina. The North Carolina Wage & Hours Department claimed he was not paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to investigate. "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them," demanded the Agent. "Well,"...
  8. SproutGirl

    Remedy for Thin Shells? FIXED! Solution on #13

    Hello. I have a hen who is having problems with thin shells. She has a good diet of layer pellets and oyster shells. She lives in free range conditions on a good sized piece of property with lots of greenery. I've been feeding her extra calcium and vitamin D as the books suggest, but haven't...
  9. SproutGirl

    Feather Damage-When Does it Get Better?

    I have a hen whose feathers on her back are damaged by an aggressive rooster. Well, that rooster is now in our freezer, and has been for several weeks, but the hen's feathers do not seem to be recovering. She still has some that are torn and shredded. I know it can't be from the other hens...
  10. SproutGirl

    Frost Damage to Plants--Cut it Off?

    Well, you know you live in Montana when you get frost damage to your garden in June! Agh! Anyway, what I'm wondering is should I cut this damaged stuff off, or should I let the plants recover on their own? The damage is to several tomato plants of various varieties and 3 types of squash, both...
  11. SproutGirl

    Laugh-Out-Loud Contest WINNERS! PAGE 8 #72!

    Sure, we tell our friends and family that we have chickens because they feed us and help keep the insect populations down on our property, but we all know that the real reason for keeping chickens is because they are HILARIOUS to have around! They make us laugh. Who can be in a bad mood when...
  12. SproutGirl

    Days of the Week

    Random question: What is the first day of the week in your opinion? Thanks.
  13. SproutGirl

    Pheasant egg under broody chicken

    My broody RIR is sitting on a nest of assorted chicken eggs and 1 pheasant egg. I got the egg from a butcher who also raises gamebirds, and I put it under my hen 3 days before I put the chicken eggs under her. I can't wait to see it hatch! I've never raised a pheasant before, and have only...
  14. SproutGirl

    Hey Rabbit-Keepers, What is This? **UPDATE**NOW WHAT?**

    Look at what my SO found cruising down the middle of the street at 10:30 last night! What kind of a rabbit is it? What do I do now?
  15. SproutGirl

    Would a Mother Hen Know if One of Her Chicks is Missing?

    I currently have a broody hen who is sitting on a nest of 11 eggs. some of those eggs are meant to give to a friend who wants to raise chickens. But. I am wondering, will the hen know if some of her babies are missing? We will probably let her raise them for a while because it's easier and...
  16. SproutGirl

    Frieda the RIR is Broody Again!

    Frieda, our Rhode Island Red is broody again! We tried (just a teensy weensy bit) to break her of it, but then we gave in to her cuteness. We got a ringneck pheasant egg from a local butcher/rancher, and she is currently setting on that egg. A local egg farmer is bringing 6 "interesting"...
  17. SproutGirl

    We Got Silkie Chicks! My Sister Thinks They're Fake!

    Yay! I'm so excited! I don't really have much to say except for yay! 2 white silkie chicks and 1 black one! Of course I have a broody RIR right now, so we will have more chicks soon, but I couldn't resist these little babies at the local ranch store when I saw them! They are straight run...
  18. SproutGirl

    Never Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg Again!

    Check this out, it's amazing!
  19. SproutGirl

    Yay! She is laying again!

    Our sole Ameraucana hen took the winter off from laying. She is a loner, and a strange bird, and we have always considered her our "artistic" hen who lays the beautiful eggs and has unique ways. So, of course she would be the only one to demand the winter off for a sabbatical. Well just this...
  20. SproutGirl

    Tell Me About Your Loner Chicken

    We have a loner chicken named Penguin. She is an Ameraucana, and she always perfers to hang out by herself. She even expects to have her own special treat pile if we give out treats! I always used to feel sorry for her when she was a young chick, because she was obviously at the bottom of the...
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