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  1. Hixnstix

    Limping Duck (Pic) Please help

    We have 9 month old female buff duck that has been limping, we cleaned the bottom of her foot with iodine & took this picture. The lump seems hard and swollen. Her other foot looks normal. Doesn't seem to hurt when we touch it Doesn't look like bumblefoot, has no sore spot. I did prick it...
  2. Hixnstix

    Hawk - turkeys & guinneas

    Would someone explain to me how or why turkeys & Guinneas are predators to hawks. Read this and never heard of this??? Please help me understand this or direct me to where I can find info. Thanks!
  3. Hixnstix

    Do geese fly away???

    We have a pair of Buff geese seven weeks old. We've raised ducks before that have flown off. Will geese fly away, should we clip their wings? What age do geese start to fly?
  4. Hixnstix

    Two day old duckling with leg problems

    Baby ducks arrived yesterday. Ones legs are swept to the left when she runs has trouble keeping up with the rest & keeps her wings out for balance. Thought at first was spraddle leg but it's not. Wondering if it is how she was in the egg?? Will it clear up or do I need to do something to help...
  5. Hixnstix

    Does this work for mice?? Has anyone tried this trap for mouse control?
  6. Hixnstix

    If I could do it over -Tips for 1st time geese

    I am getting a pair of American Buff geese soon. Wondered if you could do it over, what you might change in raising your geese? Any tips or tricks you want to share with a newbee? Baby's coming from Metzger Farms.
  7. Hixnstix

    [b][/b]Roundup/weed killer

    How long after applying roundup or weedkilller to an area should poultry stay away?? One of my neighbors use it and sometimes my girls go for a visit. Don't want them to have a last meal in his yard!!!
  8. Hixnstix

    Aracauna chix that lay BLUE Eggs

    Wanted to buy Aracauna chix or hens that lay BLUE eggs. Already have some that lay green, not interested in those.
  9. Hixnstix

    Best set up for broody/hatching hen

    What is the best successful way to hatch eggs with a broody hen? Isolation on nest?? Seasoned breeders please offer your expertise.
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