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  1. 95yj

    Royal Palm Trio

    I have a 6 month old royal palm trio. I was planning on breeding them but don't have the time they deserve. pics upon request, call/txt 978-877-3637
  2. 95yj

    ISO Bantam Rhode Island Red Rooster

    I'm looking for a bantam Rhode Island Red cock to use as a stud, the pullets I'm breeding conform to the SOP very nicely and I'm hoping to find a rooster that does the same. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount of money, drive or pay for shipping for the right bird. thanks!
  3. 95yj

    ISO bantam RIR rooster

    I'm looking for a bantam Rhode Island Red cock to use as a stud, the pullets I'm breeding conform to the SOP very nicely and I'm hoping to find a rooster that does the same. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount of money, drive or pay for shipping for the right bird. thanks!
  4. 95yj

    Ring neck doves for sale, silky and smooth feathered

    I have a bunch of ringneck doves that I'm selling in Groton MA, I have both smooth and silky and might even have a few cresteds for sale, I've got a couple different colors. Whether your looking for something specific or just want to get into doves please contact me.
  5. 95yj

    Wheaton Old English Bantam Rooster

    Just over one year old bred from very nice SQ birds, due to circumstances I can not keep him, if you are interested or have questions please let me know.
  6. 95yj

    Wheaton Bantam Old English, Groton MA

    Selling a very nice old english wheaton rooster, roughly one year old this spring, hatched from very nice SQ birds. If your looking for a pair I can set that up too, he is pullorum tested. PM me for details or questions.
  7. 95yj

    poult dehydration

    this is my first time raising turkeys, i have quite a bit of experience with raising chickens quail and pheasants though. Anyway, i picked up 3 1 day old poults yestrerday with a chick order, the brooder was all set up before i got them home, the temp was fine and i dipped all there beaks in the...
  8. 95yj

    Heritage breeds for meat

    I don't want to start anothger annoying newbie "how do i" post, but this is pretty much this is, sorry. I want to raise a small batch of turkeys (maybe 5 at most) for my family and neighbors, i was planning on using spanish blacks or royal palms, but i'll get them through Mcmurray so they aren't...
  9. 95yj

    dove shows

    I've been raising doves since i was 9 yrs old and I'v always shown in 4h, i also raise show old english and entered them in more serious shows which for a while took most of my time away from the doves. But now i'm getting back into the doves and would like to start entering some bigger shows, i...
  10. 95yj

    pure golden pheasant male, groton ma

    3.5 month old golden pheasant male, as close to pure as you can find, parents are 9 yrs old and still going strong (figured they would be too old to breed, guess not) If you are going to use him in a breeding program trying to bring pure blood back to goldens you can have him free. If i don't...
  11. 95yj

    pure goldens

    I have a juvenile male that i hatched out this year that i really need to find a home for. When I purchased my pair of adults the breeder told me they were pure, and i haven't found any markings that would say otherwise. I do not have the space necessary to breed large amounts of birds but would...
  12. 95yj

    just a kind of funny post...

    just got back from our counties fair, Middlesex (biggest all 4h fair east of the mississippi, bragging rights) I was showing my birds (and also organizing stuff, so running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but i digress) I have a freedom ranger that escaped her fate by running away...
  13. 95yj

    golden pheasant life span?

    yes i googled it, but the problem is most sites were saying 5-8 years. I bought a pair probably 7 years ago, i don't remember the exact details but i think the male was 2 or 3 yrs already, (he had adult plumage) and the breeder wasn't sure about the female. They're gorgous birds and my only pair...
  14. 95yj

    Why I'm Against Organic (read all the way through before you flame)

    Organics as we recognize them today are not the same as they were in the beginning, they have gone largely industrial, allow a large amount of fairly dangerous chemicals to be used, and it has become very expensive and difficult to become certified organic, especially if your a small scale...
  15. 95yj

    fixing leg scales

    about a year ago my birds got infected with scaly leg at a show due to a careless exhibitor (partially my fault i didn't jump on it fast enough) I did eventually take care of it, which was trying enough (you try smearing vaseline on an annoyed chickens legs when its 5* out) and have gotten rid...
  16. 95yj

    pickled quail eggs

    i want to make a batch of pickled quail eggs and i'm wondering if their gonna be safely preserved without a hot water bath for the jars after being filled. I figure that the batch would probably screw up the eggs by cooking them more but without it are they safe?
  17. 95yj

    ringnecks as foster parents

    I've been trying to breed a silky hen ringneck for a few years with little success, most of my males were too old etc. I got rid of a few other birds (pigeons) and now have time to focus on breeding my silky. I want to get the maximum number of chicks as stock for next year before winter hits...
  18. 95yj

    East Indie Ducklings, Mass.

    For sale: 7 east indie ducklings, very healthy good quality. located in newburyport, but will travel if interested. Pics on request if your really interested. Naturally hatched by a broody mother, space is getting tight in the coop. Price is negotiable, space is getting very tight. Please PM me...
  19. 95yj

    dubbing (if you don't like it don't click it)

    i don't want to start another animal cruelty debate, and this is gonna happen no matter what, so if you don't like dubbing leave this post, no joke, click the back button now. My roosters have every luxury they could ever want, 5 seconds of pain doesn't bother them too much, and their gonna get...
  20. 95yj

    toxic scaly leg cures

    i started treating my birds for scaly leg today (again), in the past i'v tried using vaseline, vinegar, and vegetable oil, they all worked with mild success but nothing to brag about. I'm not sure if the mites are still there or if the scales are still raised because of dirt (i suspect the...
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