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  1. 33yardbirds

    Chicken Kickin' '60s Style (just enjoy it)

  2. 33yardbirds

    Need a Roo

    I have found a Nice Roo , thanks to all who responded 33 yardbirds
  3. 33yardbirds

    Need a Roo

    Lost 2 BJG roos and 5 layers, RIR BJG PR and a Del to yotes. Have for layers left and a broody who wants to sit on blanks. Would like to get a Rock type or larger 6 mons to 1 yr. roo. PM if anyone has anything. Located in Burlington Co, The Wharton Tract area...
  4. 33yardbirds


    In need of a young Roo for my 4 Hens. Yote attack got our 2 Beautiful Blk Jersey Giants and and 5 of our layers. Don't be sorry cause the 2 yotes payed the ultimate. I have a hen who wants to brood and she is sitting on blanks. Ideally a roo 6mons to 1yr would be...
  5. 33yardbirds

    What is the Recommended "Time" to Lock Free Range Chickens in Coop?

    Our's go to roost early so when they go in I lock 'em up anywhere from the time they go in till dusk, whenever I get near the coop. Come the middle of Sept to the end of October they never leave the run because of the Hawk migration.
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    We have wild turkeys 2 Jakes and 4 Jennys that visit the bird feeder daily. One of the Jakes had a bad right wing (drooped to the ground). I told my wife that he is coyote fodder and sure enough two nights ago (dusk) I was out closing up the chickens and heard two yelps. Now we are down to one...
  7. 33yardbirds

    why did the chicken cross the road??

    Easy, to show the oppossum it could be done!
  8. 33yardbirds

    Gas vs Electric Range

    Gas, gas gas. It's an even constant heat, and when you turn it off it's off and you can use a cast iron frying pan for good home fries. Also you don't have to remember to take the pot off the burner so it doesn't keep cooking.
  9. 33yardbirds

    I have my new calander up!

    Didn't you ever hear that it was bad luck to hang the calender before the 1rst? When I was a kid we shot the shot gun at midnight, hung the calender, put up the horse shoe toe down so the luck wouldn't run out and had the good luck New Years dinner. Mom says it was one of our worst years. So...
  10. 33yardbirds

    gun collection

    Start with a search of gun values. This will give you a list of collection buyers and also appraisers, I think, if I remember right there is also a gun Blue Book.
  11. 33yardbirds

    The Royal Baby!

    I just out and out don't care .
  12. 33yardbirds

    Happy winter holidays

    HUM BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 33yardbirds

    21 December 2012

  14. 33yardbirds


    Vets, friends and family of vets, there are new guidelines for vets who served in SEA. Spouses of vets who may have died of these new added conditions may also be eligible. Go to Go to the search box and enter agent orange. They are now fast tracking us for any treatment we might need.
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    Back in the hey-day of the gangster era hand guns were called many names such as heater, rod and johnny roscoe. If you have ever seen the movie with Tom Hanks, "Hooch", Tom goes into a rage after the dog trashes his house and goes for his gun and calls it by some of these names, although I...
  16. 33yardbirds

    Hunting Discussion Thread-Hunters Unite!!!!!

    My wife and I bow hunt only. if neither of us gets one I will muzzle load and shot gun if need be. In the past 8 yrs there has been no need to gun hunt. We each have personal restrictions. I only take 6 pts or better and she will take any buck. NO DOES! We realize that the does have to be...
  17. 33yardbirds


    The way things are in the world today I was curious how many sleep with Johnny Roscoe. At our house he sleeps between the box spring and mattress.
  18. 33yardbirds

    If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

    Mountain Lion, they're big, stealthy, and graceful.
  19. 33yardbirds


    Two turkey dinners 2 gizzard bags left inside the bird, which also means the lytes weren't picked from the body cavity. I'm glad my in-laws know such more than I.
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