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  1. grettasurfergirl

    Everybody Kung fu fighting!

    We hatched some new chicks with 2 different broody hens and I separated mama and chicks at first but now am trying to put everyone back together. So I have one lone EE that’s been in the coop/run while the others were gone with chicks, one Silkie with 2 chicks almost 7 weeks old, and one EE with...
  2. grettasurfergirl

    When to separate Hen and chicks?

    Hello! We just had two broody hens both hatch fertile eggs I bought elsewhere about 3.5 weeks apart from each other. Now that the new chicks just hatched I am wondering about the older chicks (almost 4 weeks old) and when they can be separated from mama hen. It’s been pretty warm so I’m not sure...
  3. grettasurfergirl

    Help with just hatched chicks!!

    My Silkie went broody and I got her a few fertile eggs. While she was setting on those eggs (For about 2 weeks at least), my EE also went broody. They were both in nesting boxes next to each other in the raised coop. This evening the two chicks hatched and are under the Silkie. I’m wondering: -...
  4. grettasurfergirl

    Chicken swallowed pool toy

    help! My son dropped a piece of pool toy into the chicken run about 5 inches long and thick as a pencil, probably silicone. The chickens thought it was a worm probably and ate it. Is there anything at all I can do at this point??? Will this kill the chicken??
  5. grettasurfergirl

    Closing Coop Door at Night

    Just wondering if I need to close the little wooden sliding door on the coop at night if chicks are inside a hardware cloth run area anyway? Isn’t it likely that if anything gets into that small prefab run under the coop that they could also open this sliding door and get the chicks (13 weeks)...
  6. grettasurfergirl

    Letting chicks free range

    We have four chicks that are almost 10 weeks old now, three Easter Eggers and one Silkie. They have adjusted well to moving outdoors into their coop and small run area. It’s not that big but meets the minimums for space per bird. If we wanted to let them out one day in our fenced in backyard to...
  7. grettasurfergirl

    Silkie Chick making me crazy

    Hi! We adopted 3 EE chicks and 1 Silkie chick from my son’s preschool class and they just turned 8 weeks yesterday. They’ve been out in their coop for one week now. At night they ideally go up a chicken ladder to the small elevated coop where they sleep. I used treats and the EE have figured...
  8. grettasurfergirl

    Least Stinky Coop and Run Option

    Back again! Still have no idea what I am doing! Chicks are 7 weeks yesterday so tonight will (hopefully) be their first night out in the coop. I have sand for the run but there is another area under the coop which is like a covered run. I can’t get in there all that easily to sift sand with a...
  9. grettasurfergirl

    Easter Egger Gender ** Update ** 7 weeks

    Hi, I posted these chicks at 3 weeks old and was told it was too early and to wait a few weeks. Now they are almost 7 weeks and I’m wondering if it’s more obvious now? Really hoping they are all pullets, of course, but wondering about Tilly more than any of the others. S/he has this V shape to...
  10. grettasurfergirl

    Is Infill sand okay for the run?

    Hi we are just finalizing our coop and run before we move the chicks in there next week! I was going to use sand in the run and shavings (deep litter) in the coop area but wondered about kind of sand that’s okay. We have leftover infill sand from some artificial turf projects and it’s pretty...
  11. grettasurfergirl

    How to reinforce cheap coop

    Hi! Just got our first chicks a few weeks ago and am desperately trying to figure out the coop situation. We bought an inexpensive coop from tractor supply (the “homestead”) and people said the bottom of the nesting boxes was flimsy particle board that wouldn’t last very long. Any ideas on how I...
  12. grettasurfergirl

    Easter Egger 3w Gender?

    Hi! I’m a newbie here trying to learn as much as I can. Wondering if anyone can tell if Tilly here is a rooster or pullet? The brown was there all along but now I’m seeing more of an orange color come in and think maybe she is actually a he? THANK YOU!!!
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