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  1. Wolfwoman

    Got Fur?

    If so, you can have one of the following made for $65 (plus shipping back)!! Send me a fur to have a hat or pair of mittens made!! I do make lots of other things too, prices will vary with the item! Please feel free to ask questions!
  2. Wolfwoman

    Norwegian Jærhøn Hatching Eggs - One Dozen

    Norwegian Jærhøns: Small Bird--Big Egg The Norwegian Jaerhon chicken breed is rather unique. They are small in stature, actually almost the size of a banty, but their hens are excellent layers of large white eggs. Jaerhon Facts: They are an autosex breed, meaning you can tell the difference...
  3. Wolfwoman

    Norwegian Jaerhron Hatching eggs

    Anyone have any?
  4. Wolfwoman

    Alaskan Night Before Christmas

    Twas the night before Christmas, and all thru the cabin Not a critter was stirrin’, or woofin’ or waggin’ Dog booties were hung by the wood stove with care In hopes that Saint Nicolas soon would be there. ...The dogs were all nestled, all snug in their dens While visions of moose legs, danced...
  5. Wolfwoman

    Often forgotten Vets...

    Let's remember them too....
  6. Wolfwoman

    Tell me about Tophats...

    If you breed a Polish to another non crested bird, do the offspring ALWAYS have a crest or not?
  7. Wolfwoman

    OCD and Narcoleptic??

    Ok I have two strange chickens... The first is a RIR pullet. Twice now I've observed this behavior: Walks up the ramp about 3/4 of the way, jumps off the right side, goes underneath, cranes her neck up to look, jumps back on 1/2 way up, walks back up 3/4 of the way... repeat... repeat... she...
  8. Wolfwoman

    Feather Picking: HELP!! Getting worse!

    I believe I have only ONE hen that is picking the topknot off my WCB Polish... I do not want to separate HIM as he is a great roo - nice to me, nice to the hens, doesn't fight with the other smaller roos, etc. because I don't want him to lose his status in the flock. Any ideas HOW to figure...
  9. Wolfwoman

    Pecking Butt til RAW and BLOODY!!

    I kept one meat bird from the last batch that I raised. She was the only hen, so I thought, what the heck. Named her Tweety. I integrated her into the flock the first time, and the didn't slam her too badly as far as trying to dominate her, but then the next morning they had started picking at...
  10. Wolfwoman

    Labor Day

    Even the CHICKENS know it's Labor Day... not a SINGLE egg!!
  11. Wolfwoman

    Show me your..............

    Nesting boxes!! I wasn't sure if this should go here or in egglaying... Anyways, I am in the process of moving and will need to construct new nesting boxes. Am looking for possibly freestanding as the coop is going to be a dog kennel. Any input is appreciated.
  12. Wolfwoman

    Winter without electricity in Alaska

    We are moving to our cabin that does not have running water or electricity. Essentially we will be off grid for those items. The chickens and dogs are (of course) going with us. I have ideas on what we're going to do, but any additional recommendations for the chickens are appreciated and will...
  13. Wolfwoman

    Moving on and moving off grid...

    Some of you may have noticed that I really haven't been on here much lately... for a couple reasons. First, we have had a pretty darn good season at the store, so that has kept me busy. Also, I've been raising chickens for eggs and meat, and they've occupied a bit of my time also. The biggest...
  14. Wolfwoman

    Old English Game (2) and Dark Cornish

    Ok folks I need to rehome some chickies before we make this complete move to the cabin. For now I need to rehome a Porcelain cockerel and Self-Blue pullet Old English Game. Plus a very pretty Dark Cornish Bantam pullet (pretty sure it's a girl). Free to anyone on here! PICKUP only!
  15. Wolfwoman

    Two eggs and nothing?

    One of my hens has laid her first two eggs, then the third egg was eaten and then for two days nothing. Is this normal?
  16. Wolfwoman


  17. Wolfwoman

    Barking Dog training...

    I have eight dogs... they all (of course) bark at one time or another, or for this is that, MAINLY when something is about that doesn't need to be. I know alert barks, and play barks, and dinnertime barks, etc etc. HOWEVER, I have one pup (6 years old) that is starting to bark TOO MUCH... for...
  18. Wolfwoman

    Old English Game or not?

    Born 6/9/10 and was bought from the Old English Game bin here locally... but, no clue what it is actually... anyone?
  19. Wolfwoman

    Positive thoughts needed for Willow

    Willow... overcoming the odds of an enlarged heart... he is still with us 13 months longer than the vets gave him! Let's see what the power of POSITIVE THOUGHTS and PRAYERS can do for Willow. Light a candle, bend a knee,,,, whatever you believe. He's have a VERY rough time... actually WE are...
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