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  1. citalk2much

    what kind of Duckie am I

    So it is the time of year at the wildlife rehab that all the easter gifts come in when people discover they are more work then first thought this little one came in and we have no clue what kind of duck it is in the picture it is the one with the black tail anyone have a guess
  2. citalk2much

    BEI Color Genetics HELP me understand please!!

    Ok so here it is my BEI trio are the only ducks I have, and they refuse to go out on the snow so there is no way this is a mutt, the ducks come from an outstanding breeder. last year some blues hatched no biggy I did not hatch them another BYC member did I shipped her the eggs, well this is my...
  3. citalk2much

    they are out yay BEI sweeties pictures color ?????

    well looks like three is the total one died in the egg and one egg seems to be doing nothing there is the one that hatched yesterday now here is the question one of the little ones that just hatched has light silver down? is it a blue or silver east indie I know that Niki hatched some of my...
  4. citalk2much

    The First Hatch of 2010 with the Albino Button (picture heavy)

    The first button of 2010 its a albino and the whole group two Golden Red Breasted and two Red Breasted with the albino one week old with the Golden Pearl chick hatched yesterday and I can't forget my BEI awwww there are still 3 more I am hoping make it oh and the best TV in the...
  5. citalk2much

    I can hear the sounds of hatching - first one out about time!!!

    I set 6 BEI eggs too test you know before the stinks hide there eggs and choose to brood them themselves anywho, one was clear so I pulled it then the bator power strip was shut off darn cat or dog I am sure and the temp dropped to 80 but I held hope and 5 darling little buttons hatched starting...
  6. citalk2much

    Spoiled Rotten Ducks

    Well my spoiled rotten ducks have not been outside do to the snow seems they don't like it them and the chickens refuse to go out they hang out in the animal house where it is heated for the button quail well they started laying so I toss the eggs in the bator to see if they where getting the...
  7. citalk2much

    BEI eggs price

    I have good breeder quality BEI and I am tring to come up with a good price as they have started laying again this year
  8. citalk2much

    5% off on all oline orders AVON books 3 & 4

    Get an extra 5% off your online orders books 3 & 4
  9. citalk2much

    Everyone is talking about Buttons hatching chicks here is one of mine

    Here is one of my mama's I let hatch chicks last year
  10. citalk2much

    i am getting a trio of white calls!!! pictures added #5

    I just had to tell!!! I am excited. I am also getting a BEI duck to go with the trio I have already
  11. citalk2much

    Pamper Your Feet

    Pamper your feet with Avon. This is a great deal!!! PM me for a FREE shipping code
  12. citalk2much

    Is he really a valley? Cuz he don't look like my others -picture heavy

    This is one of the males in the valley pen. He really don't look like the others is he something else
  13. citalk2much

    So anyone have a clue what I am

    This sweetie came into the wildlife rehab this week. She is confind right now due to a nasty case of bugs also male or female? We also got this one about a week ago
  14. citalk2much

    True Meaning of Christmas

    A friend posted this on FB and I had to share. Just a week before Christmas I had a visitor. This is how it happened. I just finished the household chores for the night and was preparing to go to bed, when I heard a noise in the front of the house. I opened the door to the front room and to...
  15. citalk2much

    still time to order Avon for christmas

    There is still time to order some great stocking stuffers from Avon. Have your order shipped right to your home with free shipping code. Just PM me and I will give it to you
  16. citalk2much

    why dose it hurt so much

    My husband and I have been having a very vary hard time (he is drinking everyday) anyway he moved out over the week. I thought I was okay with this its not that I don't love him it is just that I don't like his drinking it makes me not like him. I made my plans to move on with out him. So tell...
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  18. citalk2much

    anyone breed chocolate or lilac

    Looking to get chocolate and lilac this spring anyone on here have them can you give me some feed back
  19. citalk2much

    what i was riding around town in today!!!

    One of my friends got a new toy I got to go riding around in it today
  20. citalk2much

    farm name ideas

    Well a new chapter in life. My best friend and I are both going through divorces and have decided to meet in the middle she is in FL and I am in MI we found and nice fixer upper in Trenton TN We are going to set up a small hatchery with heritage birds, ducks, geese, quail and some pygmy goats...
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