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  1. Clucklandia

    Pullet or Cockerel?

    This is my last one! It’s 18 weeks old. Pullet or Cockerel?
  2. Clucklandia

    Pullets or Cockerels??

    Please help!! Number one- Hello again! I have these lasts few birds that I’m trying to sex. They are 18 weeks old.
  3. Clucklandia

    Cockerel or Pullet??

    18 week cross. I still can not sex this one! It’s feathers are kinda funny, and it’s comb and waddles just began to grow a little larger. Again- 18 weeks old. (Hatched June 11th) thank you!
  4. Clucklandia

    Pullet or Cockerel? (#2)

    Hello! I’ve got another young one that I can’t seem to tell if it’s a pullet or cockerel? Mind helping me out? :) (I was thinking cockerel at first, but now I notice, it’s saddle feathers are a little more rounded off, although it is still only a few months old)
  5. Clucklandia

    Cockerel or Pullet??

    Hello! I’m downsizing my flock and I decided to only keep 2 roosters. The problem is, there is one that I can’t sex. It’s a few months old, and at that weird-teen-feather stage. Can anyone tell me if this is a cockerel or pullet?? Thank you!
  6. Clucklandia

    Leahy Favorite Incubator/ How to use?

    Hello!:D So someone gave me an old Leahy Manufacturing Favorite Incubator. I’ve never used one of these, so I’m giving it a test run. I have it on, (didn’t realize how loud it was until now) and it’s running! My temp is going over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so I’m trying to figure out how to...
  7. Clucklandia


    Hello! :frow So a few weeks ago, a fox ran off with my Cochin Bantam rooster... :hit:barnie Luckly, my hen laid many of his last descendants. Unfortunately, my incubators were stored away and I was prepared for hatching. The eggs would loose there chance at hatching in 2 weeks, so I decided...
  8. Clucklandia

    HELP! Lockdown with a Broody!

    :frowHello! My broody hen, Hiromi is going into lockdown. It's day 18. Hiromi is a Japanese Bantam so I'm expecting an early hatch. I have a few questions about lockdown with broodies. (She has 8 eggs) 1- She coated a few eggs in poop. Is this normal? Is there a reason? I was wondering if it...
  9. Clucklandia

    I wanna know more: Broody Japanese Bantams

    :frow Hello there! I got a 10 month old Japanese Bantam hen. She and her roo have made a great pair with her previous owner and has hatched eggs. Now that they are settled here, broodiness had begun! It's day 7 and they have 9 eggs. I wanna know more about them for now and in the future. Some...
  10. Clucklandia

    Killdeer eggs! HELP

    :frowHello! Today we noticed a couple of killdeer had made a nest in our yard. 4 eggs total. I'm worried because there are stray cats, falcons, and our dog around. Our dog we can handle, but the cats??? :idunno Is there anyway to protect them?? Do people incubate killdeer?
  11. Clucklandia

    Got some Broody Hens!

    :frow Hello! Several days ago, my hen Dolly (Silkie Hen), began squealing and puffing up her feathers every time I opened the nesting box. At first, I thought she was in the process of laying...until it was like this everyday non-stop! I finally noticed that she had eggs under her. (Most of them...
  12. Clucklandia

    ~Incu-Hope~ Day 20, NO PIPS!

    Hello! This is a thread for my other thread, ~Incu-Hope~. It's day 20. I candled 2 out of 3 eggs. The first one had not internally pipped. The second one did. I did not candle the third but later, it began to move. Now it's not. None of them are. No external pips either. Is this ok? Iv'e...
  13. Clucklandia

    Natural Hen Incubation??

    Hi everyone! Iv'e been researching and haven't found anything. My question is, how does a hen incubate? How do they keep temp and humidity? How long do they leave the eggs to eat or walk? How cold do the eggs then get? Does she sit on them while hatching too?? Most importantly... HOW DO THEY DO...
  14. Clucklandia

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!! - Incu-Hope Batch

    Hello!!! PLEASE help! I moved my eggs to the lockdown rack in my incubator, but it's much colder down there! It's only 90 Degrees (Fahrenheit)!!! Is this ok? Will they die?? I'm trying to warm it up! PLEASE HELP! :hit:hit:hit:confused: Please watch: Incu-Hope Thread...
  15. Clucklandia

    Sex Link Cross?? Offspring??

    Hi! I'm incubating my Black Sex Link Hen's eggs. The Cock is an Americauna. Do you know what the offspring will be or look like? :confused:
  16. Clucklandia

    HELP! MY HENS ARE CANNIBALS!!? (Sort of...)

    :frowHello! I'm sure people here have dealt with this before. I was getting eggs from the coop and one fell... Of course EVERY single hen rushed over and ate it.:th :barnie Trust me, I tried to stop them. So I have some Egg Eaters.. Now, every time a hen lays an egg, someone gets to it. I...
  17. Clucklandia


    :yaHello everyone! Thank you for looking at this thread. I had so much trouble with my last 4 incubations. Never hatched once.:hit I found out my incubator was TERRIBLE. Giving wrong temps, and humidity, broken thermometer, and a power shortage. I now got a new, custom incubator! (Read my last...
  18. Clucklandia

    New Incubator!! :D

    I got a new incubator!!! :celebrate It was custom made for 4H! Holds temp AMAZINGLY!! Has had 3 great hatches. Lots of room, wooden, cabinet size. Automatic turner, 3 Levels: Incubation, Lockdown, and Hatch. What do you think??
  19. Clucklandia

    5 Week Chicks. Outside Time?

    :D Hello! I have 8 beautiful 5 week old pullets! Are they ready to go outside? And will they need warmth? The weather has been up and down here. :barnie I JUST raised my heat lamp. Trying to adjust them to the 70s. Then 60s..
  20. Clucklandia

    WOW! My Brahma Chick is LOUD!

    Hello! I read that brahma's are a calm breed. I guess it's not important but my little gal is SO LOUD non stop!!! :lol:
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