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  1. Adorkable

    Brinsea Octagon 20 + freebies - Like New

    I am moving and not able to keep/raise chickens so I am looking to sell my Brinsea Octagon 20 if anyone is interested. This one was only used one time to hatch some silkies and I had a 90% hatch rate (from my eggs). It is in excellent condition and holds humidity and temp great. It has no...
  2. Adorkable

    2 White Guineas - Oklahoma

    They are gone!
  3. Adorkable

    Possum proof or nah?

    I was wondering if anyone has had a possum fit through this 2x4" wire fencing? I'm hoping to use this for an open air coop over some cattle panels to make a hoop house for some guinea fowl. This is the same fencing... just a little bent. I've been using a piece of it to keep the guineas...
  4. Adorkable

    breeding out feathered legs?

    Hi, I was wondering if stubs can be successfully bred out or should I just try and get my hands on another drake. These will not be show ducks, but I would like them to be bred as close to standard as possible. If the stubs can't be bred out then I will probably be getting rid of my only drake...
  5. Adorkable

    from bator to broody

    I have 10 eggs in the incubator that are at day 8. One of my reliable broody hens has decided to sit on eggs (although she is later than usual which is why I fired up the bator). She has hatched out and raised 3 clutches for me and is an excellent mother. The eggs I have in the bator are in an...
  6. Adorkable

    Cackle Turkens anyone?

    Does anyone have any pictures of Naked Necks (Turken) or Speckled Sussex from Cackle hatchery. I am considering ordering some silkies from them to use as incubators and possibly some of the aforementioned breeds as well. I've actually seen a few pics of their silkies and was rather impresssed...
  7. Adorkable

    to the lady at TSC

    I appreciate you saving it when all the other ducks piled up on top of it and almost drowned it, but it's running around and active so please put the duckling back in with the rest of the ducks where he belongs and stop trying to sell it as a 'pet' duck. He/she is 1-2 days old and needs to be...
  8. Adorkable

    (more) Easter Egger beak issues (w/pics)

    I noticed a problem with one of my Easter Eggers beak about a week ago at 3 weeks old. Her beak doesn't seem to be crooked or crossed but unlike the other chicks she can't close her beak at all. I was wondering if it was possibly the beginning of cross-beak (scissor-beak)? Here is a profile and...
  9. Adorkable

    ahem.. Hello from Oklahoma!

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for months and finally decided to register . I have learned so much from everyone on here from building a coop, to brooding day old chicks, to introducing new pullets to my existing flock of juvenile girls and Mister Hanky (my cockerel). There so much useful...
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