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  1. DarthRooster

    What breed

    These were labeled Exchequer Leghorns but I'm suspicious they are a mix. They are huge chickens. Came from ideal last October
  2. DarthRooster

    Silver Phoenix?

    Is this a pair of Silver Phoenix or something else? I know the 3 others are wyndottes.
  3. DarthRooster

    What breed and gender???

    I'm pretty sure I've got a pair of Silver Phoenix and 3 blue laced red wyandottes. At first it looked like all three were pullets but now it looks like 2 are cockerels. Thanks for any help [/IMG]
  4. DarthRooster

    8 month old GLW: very thin

    I have had something going on in my flock this fall. First I had my 8 month old australorp rooster show these symptoms: Runny stool Lethargic and fluffed up Skinny Looked like he was eating and drinking. He would get better, then worse, then better. I wormed the flock and 3 days later he...
  5. DarthRooster

    What breed did I get at Atwoods

    Got to love fall chick days at Atwoods. Just stopped in to pickup some adult chicken feed and looked in the bins. To my surprise I saw in the straight run bins 7 Egyptian fayoumis. I grabbed them and then 5 more that I'm not sure what breed on. 3 of some grayish chicks with brown stripes and 2...
  6. DarthRooster

    Black Australorp Rooster over Buff Orpington Hens?

    Anyone have any photos of what this cross would look like? Thanks
  7. DarthRooster

    Black Australorp Rooster over Buff Orpington Hens

    Anyone have any pictures of these? They wouldn't be sex link I believe. Thanks
  8. DarthRooster

    Turken: Gender ID please

    This chick was hatched on Valentine's Day. What gender, I'm leaning cockerel but hoping pullet lol.
  9. DarthRooster

    Chick ID

    Saw these at tractor supply today. White chicks with a few black spots. Any idea of what they are?
  10. DarthRooster

    New chicks!!

    Ordered eggs from Murray McMurray and now have 18 fluffy butts!! I know for sure I have a turken ( pretty obvious lol) and a light brahma. Everything else is well up in the air. Here are some pics
  11. DarthRooster


    Got my order of 30 heavy assorted from Murray McMurray this morning! Got a few extras. All shipped great. Candled all and looks like I only have a few with detached air pocket. Letting them sit today and will put in incubator tomorrow morning!
  12. DarthRooster

    Genesis 1588: temp and humidity questions

    So I have 4 thermometers; built in one, 2 digitals, and a basic one. Current temp readings are 98.1 for built in, 97.5 for 1 digital, 100.4 for other digital and 100 for basic. Built in hygrometer reads 37 and digital reads 39. So confused on how my temps are all over the board!
  13. DarthRooster

    Where to get hatching eggs?

    What is everyone's experience with ordering hatching eggs online? Where is a good place to get them? Thanks
  14. DarthRooster

    Which incubator to get?

    Looking at a few models: 1. Farm innovators model 4200 pro series circulated air incubator with automatic egg turner. 2. Sanven Janoel 48 Eggs Digital Automatic Turner Incubator Hatcher Any suggestions.
  15. DarthRooster

    Eggs HATCHING!!!

    Eggs hatching today or tomorrow! We had 12 birds: 5 EE hens and 1 Rooster, 2 Minorca hens and 1 Rooster, 2 brown leghorn hens, and 1 white leghorn hen. Unfortunately we lost the Minorca Roo and a hen a week after collecting eggs :(. So we are looking at either straight EEs, straight Minorcas...
  16. DarthRooster

    Metal or wood shed?

    Stuck between getting a big metal shed or getting a smaller wood shed for my coop. I will have a 20ft by 10ft run attached. Any input would be much appreciated! thanks
  17. DarthRooster

    Khaki ducks?

    Are these khaki mixes?
  18. DarthRooster

    Turkey tumor?

    This tom is about 4 months old and over the last two weeks has had this growth showing up on his chest! Any thoughts?
  19. DarthRooster

    True EEs?

    These 3 girls are about 9 months old[/IMG][/IMG]
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