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  1. cristina33

    Barnyard mix and polish chicks

    I have some barnyard mix chicks that I have for sale they are 5 dollars and some polish chicks that are 10 dollars. Feel free to contact me I am in Belchertown MA
  2. cristina33

    Is there a safe way...

    Is there a safe to mark chicks , I have a few eggs I am hatching for a friend with a bunch of other eggs and they are starting to hatch . Is there a safe way to mark her chicks like food coloring or something of that sort?
  3. cristina33


    your in box is full tryed to send u a message cristina
  4. cristina33

    baytril pills

    can u crush baytril pills and put them in chicken water? I have some 22.7mg
  5. cristina33

    Rip Guienalady

    Pam you will be missed . Cristina Pam had a facebook Pamela Easter
  6. cristina33

    ducks and mareks

    Can ducks get mareks? My silkie flock has mareks running thru it and I was wondering if ducks can get mareks to or can they carry it if I was to sell them? I dont wish mareks on anyone
  7. cristina33

    Need Advice...........

    I need some advice, I think my silkie flock has mareks. I cant sell anyone who makes it because that would be so WRONG. But I really want to have a healthy flock. Could I hatch babies and vacinate them would they be ok? Or is my yard contaminated forever? I am at a loss as what to do. Do ducks...
  8. cristina33

    Does Mareks....

    Does Mareks wipe out a flock fast or is it slow like one bird a month?
  9. cristina33

    duck ?

    what makes a ducks legs stop working and stick straight out behind them?
  10. cristina33

    duck suddenly cant walk?

    My Muscovey all of a sudden cant walk......she doesnt seem to be in any kind of pain, there are no visable injuries. No swollen legs or anything. I am confused and unsure what to do. I dont believe there is anything toxic around that she got into so it is very unclear to me what could be wrong...
  11. cristina33

    muscovey drakes

    Muscovey Drakes , I have 2 ....10 bucks each
  12. cristina33

    silkie eggs

    47 went in the bator about 10 days ago...tossed 11 clears, 28 growing good , 8 not sure if they are quiters but left them to see what happens. Wish me luck due on the 12th
  13. cristina33

    LILPEEPS empty ur mailbox

    ok lol
  14. cristina33

    Got my first duck egg

    I got my first duck eggs today not 1 egg but 2 WOOHOO I have 3 girls and was shocked when I saw this "thing" in the coop and there were 2 eggs . I dont eat them but I wanted eggs so bad now I have to figure out who I am going to give them too!!!! cristina
  15. cristina33

    silkie what age

    I cant remember at what age silkies start to lay I think I may have a new layer or the 1 silkie that lays eggs is laying 2 LOL. They are 18 weeks, I have one that is about 9 months. Cristina
  16. cristina33

    when will they lay

    I have 3 female muscoveys they are about 8 months old and I have not gotten a single egg. They are out of the coop by 10 am and out till about 7 pm . I feed them layer feed. They are healthy and happy but dang they are slackers is there any reason why they arent laying? Cristina
  17. cristina33

    ? tote incubator

    Has anyone tryed making a bator out of a tote? Do you think it could be done? I would love your opinions and reasons why it could or could not be done. Thanks Cristina
  18. cristina33

    Free Silkie Roos Gone

    I have partridge and black silkie roos. FREE SAVE THE ROOSTER QUEEN ....lmao Have to love craigslist 8 roos gone one day
  19. cristina33

    my girls :) my slackers

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