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  1. Quailberries

    New 10-week-old cockerel trying to spar with all three of my hens

    Hi! My situation is a little complicated right now but here's the gist of it- Three EE hens A 10-week-old Australorp pullet A 10-week-old BO cockerel We've been raising the groups in two separate coops and allowing the adults to free range, and recently we've been attempting to get the groups...
  2. Quailberries

    (Possibly) Integrating a single chick into a flock? Help!

    We currently have two chicks we're raising to replenish our flock after the tragic loss of one of our hens around a month ago. They're an Australorp and Buff Orpington, bought as pullets and both around 3 weeks old. Despite their young age, it has become hard to not recognize that our BO is most...
  3. Quailberries

    Pullets squawking all winter?

    My four EE pullets are showing signs of POL- squatting, rapid comb growth, egg laying song practice, it's all there. I was told they wouldn't lay until spring because of the lack of sunlight, and while I can be patient for the eggs, I REALLY can't wait for the egg laying ballad rehearsals to...
  4. Quailberries

    Is my pullet POL?

    Thank you all for the input! We’ll be patient with her, haha.
  5. Quailberries

    Is my pullet POL?

    This is Rasputin (yes, that really is her name), my 16-week-old EE pullet. Over the past week or so her comb has really sprouted and taken a reddish coloring that none of the other pullers have. I don’t think she is a rooster as she has never once tried to crow and her feathers are all rounded...
  6. Quailberries

    Ameracaunas or EEs?

    I still can't tell... they look both blue and green to me... I'd give a leg pic, but they're being a little fussy for the camera. Might get one later!
  7. Quailberries

    Ameracaunas or EEs?

    Just picked up these four chicks from a larger local hatchery. They were marked as Ameraucana/EEs, so I just assumed they were all EEs when ordering. That being said, they're here now, and they look more like Ameraucanas to me! A little help here?? One looks like a bearded Australorp, something...
  8. Quailberries


    Thank you everyone, your words help a lot. We’ve got a game camera set up now, as well as tougher locks on certain doors. We’re getting a batch of four EE pullets tomorrow from the hatchery near us. I’d say I’m excited, but I think yesterday really shook us up. I know our flock was super...
  9. Quailberries


    Almost 10 and 12 weeks old. Just starting to make “grown-up lady” noises. The coop WAS closed, just not coon-proof, I guess. There was a small crack in the coop door that I guess the.animal found and pushed their way through.
  10. Quailberries


    My yard is surrounded by a picket fence, and there’s no predators holes in sight. The feathers of my Australorp lead to a tree. This is terrible. Worse than anything I could ever have imagined. I just want a body.
  11. Quailberries


    Long sorry short, on Wednesday morning one of our trash buckets was tipped over near the coop, and was clearly some sort of animal. We thought it was a possum, who really wouldn’t be able to get to the chickens, but took some new safety precautions regardless. I woke up today to let them out-...
  12. Quailberries

    Who wants to guess? Silkie cross ....

    I’m not sure, but beautiful bird!
  13. Quailberries

    (HELP!) Signs of animal in backyard?

    I don’t, unfortunately. Would it be a good idea to get one?
  14. Quailberries

    (HELP!) Signs of animal in backyard?

    Yesterday I was cleaning the coop, putting all the old pine shavings in your basic 5 gallon bucket. I normally empty out the bucket in a little composting area in my backyard, but I guess I forgot to do that, because when I woke up today the bucket was near the coop, and it looks like an animal...
  15. Quailberries


    Welcome! We're happy to have you here!
  16. Quailberries

    Five week old chicks, could this one be a rooster?

    I'd give them time. My GLW and SLW reddened up pretty early, and I guess that's normal for wyandottes. That being said, her comb and wattles are larger in size than what my girls have... I'm still going to lean towards pullet at the moment. When your chicks are around 12ish weeks you will...
  17. Quailberries

    Roo too rough? Hens don’t submit?

    Not a rooster expert, but I've heard that there's a roo to hen ratio of about 1 rooster for every 8-10 hens. If, like in your case, you have less hens, the rooster will end up mounting the hens too often and you can definitely inflict some injuries. I'd get more hens if the option is available...
  18. Quailberries

    Runny poo

    I’d say that’s probably normal, as long as they look healthy and are eating/drinking.
  19. Quailberries

    Weirdest place your chickens have roosted?

    Also, the poop bucket. See avatar ;)
  20. Quailberries

    Weirdest place your chickens have roosted?

    No pics, but my SLW pullet really likes roosting in my lap, so much so that she has flown at my thighs and try to roost there when I’m standing up. It’s lead to a lot of awkward squats on my part, haha.
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