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  1. pdholbrook

    Hemp Bedding for Ducks?

    This is the same thing I use and I compared to pine shavings and it's comparable because of how long it lasts.
  2. pdholbrook

    Hemp Bedding for Ducks?

    I use it and buy it from a local business here. It's great for chickens and I use it in my duckhouse for the ducks. It definitely helps with moisture. I'm planning to try it on the outside area, so we'll see. I get a large packed bundle for $22 and it lasts me forever, so I find it totally...
  3. pdholbrook

    Help! My duck has a leg deformity! What's wrong and what can I do??

    I'm wondering how Tiny Tim is doing? I have a duckling with what looks like an identical issue. I tried to move the tendon, but that doesn't seem to be it at all. Right now, it's adapting.
  4. pdholbrook

    Jumbo Pekin Drake

    So my husband and I have inherited a Jumbo Pekin we believe is male and he is huge. He was dumped at a local pond here and now lives in our backyard. We weren't sure what kind he was when we got him, but now that we know and we want to make sure we give him a quality life. We think he is about...
  5. pdholbrook

    Sulmtalers Thread

    Thanks much - I hope you're right!
  6. pdholbrook

    Sulmtalers Thread

    Ravyn, that's actually just fine with me. As long as she's a she. Haha Mine are pets really and I keep backyard chickens in a city. I bought the eggs knowing there was a high chance they are mixes. :-)
  7. pdholbrook

    Sulmtalers Thread

    I am brand new to Sulmtakers and have one that hatched on December 15th. I am trying to figure out the gender and would love an opinion. It seems like they're fairly easy to sex, but I want confirmation. Thanks! This one was taken today. It's just starting to get the poof on it's head...
  8. pdholbrook

    5 Week Old Black Copper Marans Pullet/Cockerel?

    So beautiful! I can't wait for mine to start laying. She's 21 weeks old.
  9. pdholbrook

    ~~~~~~~KENTUCKY SWAPS~~~~~~

    It cracks me up that no one responds to these posts. I'm working right now on putting a nice list together of these swaps and links to their websites/facebook, etc. This is what I have so far:!Kentucky-Chicken-Swaps/cgla/5750483e0cf231679147632a I just...
  10. pdholbrook

    Old English Game Bantam Chicks

    I'm trying to figure out what type of Old English Game Bantams these are. I'm thinking they're more of a mix in coloring and I'm pretty sure there's a barred mom or dad in there somewhere. I bought these without seeing the parents. Thoughts?
  11. pdholbrook

    Buff Laced Polish Chicks - Girls or Boys?

    What signs should I be looking for with Polish that may be different than other breeds?
  12. pdholbrook

    Buff Laced Polish Chicks - Girls or Boys?

    This is my first jump into polish chicks and I bought these from someone, already hatched and they seemed to be different ages. I think I have 3 different ages here actually and I'm trying to see if there are any signs of gender. I would love some opinions. I have multiple pictures of each...
  13. pdholbrook

    Kentucky people

    If there are folks in Lexington here. There's a new Facebook group called Chicken Swap for Lexington, KY. Check it out!
  14. pdholbrook

    Comment by 'pdholbrook' in article 'Lexington Kentucky Chicken Ordinance'

    This is very outdated. Here is the current information: Roosters are allowed, it's the noise ordinance that is an issue.
  15. pdholbrook

    Trader Joes & Other Grocery Store Egg Hatching Club - Are you a Member

    I don't think I shared this one with all of you, but I did manage to hatch a grocery store egg from my local co-op. Here's the post I wrote on it and how it worked out:!Hatching-a-Grocery-Store-Egg-Learning-Experience-14355/cgla/5706aa8d0cf2efb3747ed150
  16. pdholbrook

    5 Week Old Black Copper Marans Pullet/Cockerel?

    I'm curious is you have figured out the gender of this chick? I have a 5 week old that I thought was male, but it's comb is not growing at all and I'm starting to wonder.
  17. pdholbrook

    Maran 5 week old, girl or boy?

    The chick next to the maran is 2 weeks younger. She's a brahma/ameraucana mix. It would be nice if this was a pullet actually. I'll post an update in a couple of weeks.
  18. pdholbrook

    Maran 5 week old, girl or boy?

    I've assumed this is a boy because of how it is feathered. It hatched March 10th. I was noticing today though that the comb is very small, at best, and not remotely pink. Thoughts?
  19. pdholbrook

    Growing fodder for chickens

    I did not use oats initiallt. The day after I posted they did start to sprout, they are just appallingly slow. I have a 50lb bag, so I'm going to use them, I'm just going to have to refigure out the schedule
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