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  1. SproutGirl

    Day Old Chicks Imprinting On Broody?

    Has anyone had any luck with ordering day old chicks to imprint on a broody hen? I had ordered some eggs for my broody hen to hatch, but the company never sent them. So, after much waiting, I ended up having to order chicks. I am hoping that they will take to her as a mother, and her to them...
  2. SproutGirl

    Where Can I Find Cornish Hatching Eggs?

    Hi, I have a Leghorn cross that went broody (yeah, I know, go figure!) and I'd like to have her hatch out some meat birds for me. Does anyone know where I can get some fertile Cornish eggs, or other good meat bird eggs? Thanks!
  3. SproutGirl

    Naughty Chicken!

    Ha! What a smart birdy. Now you'll just have to retrain her!
  4. SproutGirl

    Free Roos to a NON-EATING Home Melbourne,FL

    A non eating home! Wow! Now THAT is an extreme diet!
  5. SproutGirl

    Imaginary Friend

    Actually, I just stole your friend. Sorry. I had to. Way too tempting.
  6. SproutGirl


    I guess I did the opposite of what you asked. I was a vegetarian for 12 years. Then, I started keeping chickens and working at a farmer's market selling produce. I met a lot of ranchers. Now, I eat meat. But I only eat animals if I knew them or if I knew who raised them. I won't eat an...
  7. SproutGirl

    can i feed my chicks garlic?

    I haven't tasted chicken pellets. But I have tasted raw oats and cracked corn. Not too tasty.
  8. SproutGirl

    can i feed my chicks garlic?

    Quote: did you eat them and find out? No. But the birds I have eaten didn't taste like chicken food!
  9. SproutGirl

    can i feed my chicks garlic?

    Pretty much anything is good in eggs. I've fed my birds a lot of marjoram when we had a TON of it. They loved it. But I don't think they would have tasted like it!
  10. SproutGirl

    Carving a pumpkin tonight...can they eat any of it?

    My birds love pumpkin and squash seeds. We eat so much winter squash including pumpkin that there's no way we could consume all of the seeds ourselves, so they make great chicken treats, especially in the snowy months when the birds don't have access to any fresh greens.
  11. SproutGirl

    can i feed my chicks garlic?

    I don't think it will work. They will still taste like plain ol' chicken. Also, mine won't eat garlic. But, maybe yours will.
  12. SproutGirl

    You know you're crazy about your chicks when...

    Quote: Really? You have chicken related programming on TV in your area? The only ones I can think of would be cooking shows, but my birds might find that traumatic! "So THAT'S what happened to our brothers!"
  13. SproutGirl

    You know you're crazy about your chicks when...

    You feel so sorry for the brooder-raised chicks that you spend at least an hour each day pretending to be a mother hen sitting on the chicks so they can have the mock-experience of resting in a dark, cuddly, warm place like the underside of a mother hen. Ok, wait, it gets worse . . . the chicks...
  14. SproutGirl

    Equinox Fun Reminder!

    Ok, so I couldn't wait to find out what you were talking about. It was too intriguing! So, I entered "Egg balance equinox" into google, and here's what I found out: Funny!
  15. SproutGirl

    Equinox Fun Reminder!

  16. SproutGirl


    Quote: We covered ours last night too. It's supposed to warm up for the rest of the week, so I'm hoping we;ll get some more red ones off the vine, although I've been canning like crazy just to keep up! My spoiled chickens are even sick of the tomato scraps!
  17. SproutGirl

    Weird phobias?

    Quote: ME TOO! Freaks me out. I can't even read your post. Can't think about it. I shake and go crazy if I even think someone will be sick to their stomach. Oh, I hate it!
  18. SproutGirl

    When you step on one of your adult chickens do you get mad or sad?

    I haven't ever stepped on a chicken, but my dog does it all the time. It's totally his fault every time. Now as for the cats, I seem to step on them every once in a while, and I feel pretty bad about it, but also a little frustrated that they can't learn not to dash right under my feet!
  19. SproutGirl

    Hens pulling out roos tail feathers - WHY?

    Are these birds new to the flock, or are any of them very young? Maybe they are just working on setting up the pecking order.
  20. SproutGirl

    They bit my baby...

    Aw, poor kid. That happened to me as a child. At the park. My Mother convinced me that the geese were trying to kiss me, but that they couldn't do it softly because they didn't have lips. I believed her. She advised me to keep my distance because the geese loved me so much, but that they...
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