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  1. Dori47

    using an incubator

    we have one of those cheap styrofoam incubators. How long do my bantam duck eggs need to hatch and what level of humidity do I need? I read up on this years ago when we first got ducks, but we had a broody duck, and we just let her set the eggs and we got ducklings every year. Last year we...
  2. Dori47

    a strange thing happened today

    we have a small backyard flock of 2 australian spotted ducks, 2 australian spotted drakes, 1 indian runner duck and 1 new baby indian runner drake( 9 weeks old) the australian spotted ducks are very broody and both have been sitting on nests for almost 2 weeks. The Indian runner gets broody too...
  3. Dori47

    Broody duck

    we got 2 ducks and a drake last year, one of the ducks is broody, and we let her hatch out a brood. We kept a couple, so now have 3 ducks and 2 drakes . They are Australian spotted, but we also have an Indian runner duck. We are right in the city. The Indian runner lays an egg a day, but I...
  4. Dori47

    Kiddie pool for the ducks

    so I see a lot of people mention that they use a kiddie pool for the ducks. We have had ducks about a month now and have a kiddie pool for them, but how often do you dump it out? do you just keep adding fresh water, do you use a filter and pump? Later on we plan to put a pond in the back yard...
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