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  1. pdholbrook

    Jumbo Pekin Drake

    So my husband and I have inherited a Jumbo Pekin we believe is male and he is huge. He was dumped at a local pond here and now lives in our backyard. We weren't sure what kind he was when we got him, but now that we know and we want to make sure we give him a quality life. We think he is about...
  2. pdholbrook

    Old English Game Bantam Chicks

    I'm trying to figure out what type of Old English Game Bantams these are. I'm thinking they're more of a mix in coloring and I'm pretty sure there's a barred mom or dad in there somewhere. I bought these without seeing the parents. Thoughts?
  3. pdholbrook

    Buff Laced Polish Chicks - Girls or Boys?

    This is my first jump into polish chicks and I bought these from someone, already hatched and they seemed to be different ages. I think I have 3 different ages here actually and I'm trying to see if there are any signs of gender. I would love some opinions. I have multiple pictures of each...
  4. pdholbrook

    Maran 5 week old, girl or boy?

    I've assumed this is a boy because of how it is feathered. It hatched March 10th. I was noticing today though that the comb is very small, at best, and not remotely pink. Thoughts?
  5. pdholbrook

    Cockerel or Pullet RIR Bantam - 3 months old

    I have a dilemma of sorts. I have a Jersey Giant roo already and thought I was keeping a bantam Rhode Island Red pullet. I really can only have 1 roo. It is starting to look like my pullet may be a boy. She's my love too. She's super annoying, high strung and complains about pretty much...
  6. pdholbrook

    Temperature fell during the afternoon!

    I have a still air incubator that I made and it's day 2 for my eggs and during the day yesterday my temperature fell in my house causing the temperature in the incubator for fall to 93.5 F at it's lowest point when I got home at 4:45pm. It would have started falling around noon. I then got it...
  7. pdholbrook

    Rhode Island Red - Bantam or Full Size Chicken?

    I have this sweet RIR I have had since she was 1 day old. There were a couple of issues right away, she had trouble standing up and kept falling on her back. The other chicks would peck at her and we had to protect her for a day or so until she started walking around. Her name is Turtle, for...
  8. pdholbrook

    Lexington, Kentucky City Chicken Owner

    I am in Lexington, Kentucky and would LOVE to connect with some local folks to share ideas. I have 8 hens and 1 roo right now. 4 buff orpingtons, 1 rhode island red, 1 barred rock, 1 australorp, 1 cornish cross, and my roo is a 9 week old jersey giant. I'm interested in hatching some eggs...
  9. pdholbrook

    7 week old pullet - White Plymouth Rock - Feather loss?

    I have 5 - 7 week old chicks that all hatched on the same day. They are different breeds though, with my white rock being the biggest, by far. She is also the only one that is white. Her butt is dirty all of the time and I noticed last night when I went to clean her bum - worried it was pasty -...
  10. pdholbrook

    Jersey Giant Gender?

    I'm starting to think the Jersey Giant I thought was a roo is actually a hen. He's 7 weeks old now and even though his comb is not small, it's very yellow still. I had three other roos who hatched the same day; barred and white rocks - and their combs were all very red. I know the JG grows more...
  11. pdholbrook

    Switching coops and nesting area

    My husband and I have built a new large coop for my ladies and we are keeping the smaller coop they're leaving for some chicks that are also in the run now. I still have to protect the chicks from the grown chickens when I'm not out keeping an eye out, so to go ahead and put the new chicks in...
  12. pdholbrook

    Jersey Giants/Australorps or One of Each?

    I inherited several newly hatched chicks with no idea of breed or gender. Most of them have been figured out, but these two black chicks are a bit of a mystery. I’ve read a lot on Jersey Giants and Australorps and there is conflicting information on the importance of the yellow on the bottom of...
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