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  1. allison finch

    Cream Legbar Pictures

    I just got two cream legbar pullets. They have such a nice coloration and are just getting their crests growing. I'll try to post photos tomorrow.
  2. allison finch

    Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

    Oh, my....I meant that as a joke. Sorry. I know it isn't a SF as it doesn't have feathered legs and an extra toe. The coloring makes it similar, though. See what I mean? Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.
  3. allison finch

    Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

    Looks like a salmon Faverolle, to me....LOLOL! Nice hen.
  4. allison finch

    My new pen

    In my area the predators would be over that fence in a heartbeat. Hope your area is better.
  5. allison finch

    Is my chicken run now 100% predator proof?

    I thought my three coops were predator proof. I have had no successful attacks for three years.....until yesterday. I went out and saw dead pullets in one of my coops. My coops and runs are fully enclosed and plugged what may have been a place the raccoon might have forced their way in. Today...
  6. allison finch

    skin pecked off back of head and neck

    I would be worried about those eyes. Chickens have a BAD habit of pecking eyes out, when they are doing this. Be prepared for doing the right thing if this is the case. Otherwise, keep the chick seperate, warm and the wounds clean.
  7. allison finch

    Black Copper Marans discussion thread

    AND, if your coop ever floods, it will swim really well!! maybe a drake got into the coop.........?
  8. allison finch

    North Carolina

    Newhomesteader, I just learned a HARD lesson about putting cut grass in my run for the birds. They loved it when I cut grass and put it in there for them to eat. The problem is, they ate too much and the grass pieces were too long. When they "graze" they take little bites, for the most part. The...
  9. allison finch

    She hasn't laid an egg in over a year and now this?

    Hey she's just a smart (lazy) bird. She knows that little fart egg is a whole lot easier to lay that a big ole honker!!!
  10. allison finch

    Polish Picked On?

    I have a pretty gold laced polish. They have done well together for a good while. This year, she lost her tophat completely....she was BALD! No blood, just bald. She stayed that way most of the fall. During her winter molt, it grew back and I have not seen any sign of it being pecked....yet...
  11. allison finch

    The 2nd Rate the avatar of the person above you!

    10 Is that a vanner? Love the whiskers!!
  12. allison finch

    Relatively new chicken attacked by dog - help!

    You can always try crop feeding her as a last resort. I make a mixture of live culture and pedialyte (electrolytes) and suck it up into a 3-5 cc syringe. I open the mouth and put the syringe deep into the throat. It is important that you go below the area near the base of the tongue. That is...
  13. allison finch

    What breed are my 2 Roo's (Pictures)

    The first looks more like a buff brahma, to me.
  14. allison finch

    Cochin Thread!!!

    One of these days I will get good quality birds. It's not from lack of trying....
  15. allison finch

    Lavender Ameraucana Breeders .... UNITE

    I spoke with the breeder about this and she ASSURES me they are purebred Ameraucanas. She told me a number of her small flock have been shown and several have won "best in breed" at shows. I was wanting blues, which she said she had. When I arrived, there were none that I considered blue. She...
  16. allison finch

    Cochin Thread!!!

    Thanks for the info. Who knows, the next time I will know more of what to look for. This guy had lots of cochin chicks in the brooder. He has some really flashy splashes. I just liked the blues. BTW, What stance is wanted?
  17. allison finch

    Dumpster Diving coop with pics.

    She looks just like my Phyllis! She may only be pet quality, but I love her goofy personality.
  18. allison finch

    Merging Chicks with Hens

    I never even try to merge until the chicks stop cheeping and get their adult voices.
  19. allison finch

    Cochin Thread!!!

    That's OK. I'm not into breeding (no roos) or showing. I was just wondering. I got it from an OLD-time breeder who has many different breeds. Just curious. Is it stance....color...leg feathering....? What makes it lessor quality? I am wanting to learn something about the breed using this...
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