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  1. utahmethodist

    Natalie Portman is one of us!!!!!

    Yeah, I bet he did, mamaKate. BTW, I like the John Wesley quote in your signature. Words to live by!
  2. utahmethodist

    Natalie Portman is one of us!!!!!

    Check out this funny video on WARNING: this is a G-rated video but not everything on that site is.
  3. utahmethodist

    Turkey in Brine

    I know it's a little late (unless you're doing a bird for Christmas) but this link will give you all the directions you'll ever need for brining and roasting a turkey. I use Alton Brown's technique every year and it's never let me down...
  4. utahmethodist

    Introduction: Danielle from Utah

    Howdy from Salt Lake City (Harvard/Yale). I've got two hens in my tiny urban backyard. My goal in life is to convert others the the urban chicken way of life.
  5. utahmethodist

    MIGRAINES - update pg 9

    Another Maxalt user here. Without that stuff I'd have trouble functioning several times a month. Thank goodness I have health insurance, though. I get mine for 9 for $15 but without insurance it would be $180!
  6. utahmethodist

    Omega 3 eggs Is it ok to feed flax seed?

    If you're looking to economize without sacrificing nutrition then add the flax seed to your own diet rather than the chickens'. It's a much more efficient and cost effective way of getting more omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.
  7. utahmethodist

    CHICKEN ARTWORK? Yep...have a look!

    As one watercolorist to another, those are really good. You're not charging NEARLY enough, though. You could ask at least double what you are for that size. Note to everyone on one now before he raises his prices!!
  8. utahmethodist

    What the heck is a showgirl?

    Oh my gosh, if I had one of those I'd never put the poor thing down. I'd have to carry it around all day petting it's fuzzy little head.
  9. utahmethodist

    Eggbarassin' Question...

    ok....I did it....I googled TOAD IN A HOLE... IT is english in origin...a loaf of unrisen dough with an egg an sausage put in the well of the bread...baked in the oven. Well thank goodness! I was starting to think my family was nuts calling something "toad-in-a-hole" all these years.
  10. utahmethodist

    Two tone egg

    I found two weird eggs in the roost area this week. One was a big mystery there. But the other was odd-colored. It was medium brown on one half and light brown on the other. It was as if it had been dipped half-way down in Easter egg dye with a perfect demarcation between the...
  11. utahmethodist

    Eggbarassin' Question...

    They're called toad-in-a-hole, people! It's one of my favorite things for breakfast. You save the hole, toast it in butter along with the rest of it, then place it on top of the egg hole before eating.
  12. utahmethodist

    Wish me luck. I'm meeting with city leaders tonight

    You really did a good job putting together a persuasive set of arguments in favor of backyard hens. Congratulations! I'm sure things will be changing for the better in your town.
  13. utahmethodist

    One of the most ignorant articles I have ever read

    Geez, that guy is a grade-A moron! My favorite comment in response to his column was this one: When I turn on Lon's light in the middle of the night, he wakes up. What an idiot. It's not morning yet. I locked Lon in a 2' x 3' cube, which is plenty of space to write insipid newspaper columns...
  14. utahmethodist

    wild bird food, harmful??

    I use wild bird seed with whole sunflowers instead of scratch as a sure-fire way to lure them back into the coop after free-ranging. No problems to report.
  15. utahmethodist

    What age for Orps to lay? Also, pics needed please....

    Follow this link to see my then-20-week-old BO sitting on her very first egg.
  16. utahmethodist


    Wait a had left-over mahi mahi and you gave it to your chickens instead of eating it yourself?!? No offense, but are you crazy? Food that expensive never goes uneaten at my house. I love my chickens but they're not getting something to eat that runs $10/lb.
  17. utahmethodist


    It's like feeding a toddler, isn't it? I remember hiding vegetables under melted cheese to get my daughter to eat them.
  18. utahmethodist

    Wish me luck. I'm meeting with city leaders tonight

    Oooh, I like the idea of a poop catapult! I once confronted a woman whose dog was leaving a gift on my front lawn. I asked her if she intended to clean it up and she just gave me a dirty look and walked away. I had newborn twins at the time and was soooooo tempted to follow her home and leave...
  19. utahmethodist

    Wish me luck. I'm meeting with city leaders tonight

    Holy smoke! Are you in Salt Lake City proper or in one of the unincorporated areas? My reading of the City ordinance indicates that you can keep up to 25 hens if you apply for a permit, keep them 50' from homes, and disinfect the coop 3x/year. Unfortunately I have to remain "illegal" since my...
  20. utahmethodist

    Does anyone else have a hen who growls?

    If I reach under my BO while she's in the nest box she makes a noise that sounds just like one of the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. Scary.
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