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  1. ShinShien

    Hen with broken leg

    This hen survived breaking her leg, but it's now useless. She can't walk, run...anything requiring legs. She can stand and hop, getting adept at one-legged motion. The main flock picks on her, and she can't flee predators. What does one do with a special needs chicken?
  2. ShinShien

    Dislocated joint?

    I have a brahma/marans X who doesn't seem to be able to walk. At first, I thought she was dust bathing, but when I approached, she didn't move, stand, run away...nothing. Her right leg is sticking out at an angle I don't think it should be able to, and it's...loose, floppy for lack of a better...
  3. ShinShien


    Is there any way to get rid of that stupid display bar, make it recede, anything? It is a pain to type replies on a smartphone because the thing blocks the writing window.
  4. ShinShien

    1 hen 2 eggs?

    I have a meat bird pullet (hen, not sure). Yesterday, she laid two shell-less eggs. Today, she laid two eggs with shells. Why? I've never had any other hen lay two eggs in a day, let alone two eggs two days in a row. They're her eggs; I know because she's the only chicken loose in the backyard...
  5. ShinShien

    What am I?

    Me as a two-week-old chick back Dec 29th, 2016 Me now: I was a rescue from a truckload of CX meat bird chicks because I'm grey. What am I?
  6. ShinShien

    Red comb on a 4-month-old...pullet?

    Why would my CX (she came in a supply of 8,000 CX, so what else can she be? she's just grey and was given to me to avoid being pecked to death) have a red comb and wattles if she's only 4 months old? What age do meat birds lay eggs, if they lay eggs? I'm guessing they do.
  7. ShinShien

    Post the Lyrics of the Song you're currently listening to

    Not sure if there's already a thread like this. I can't find one, if so. Like title says type, or copy-and-paste the lyrics to the song you're currently listening to. Standard BYC rules apply, meaning mostly no explicit lyrics. And...go...
  8. ShinShien

    Puzzled by behavior/internal laying, maybe?

    I have a marans/brahma cross hen, 2-years-old in May, behaving strangely. She goes into the nesting boxes, sits there, then after a while, gets up and leaves. There's never an egg in the box. Looked up internal laying, and the only symptom she seems to have is a slightly swollen area around her...
  9. ShinShien

    Egg collecting

    This may be a stupid question, but can EE eggs and ameraucana eggs be told apart? I have both and want to collect the ameraucana eggs to hatch. Putting hens in isolated pens just seems to make mine quit laying. I feel rather dumb.
  10. ShinShien

    Hen with bite? Graphic

    Can anyone identify what may have caused this and what I can do to treat it
  11. ShinShien

    Beyond recovery...

    That being said. What's the most humane way to euthanize a chicken? My speckled Sussex has had sour crop for over a week now. None of the DIY natural remedies have helped, and the vet can't see her until Monday. (like she'll live that long). She's puffed-up, listless, keeps her eyes squeezed...
  12. ShinShien

    Odd Question...concerning breeding chickens

    This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know if AI works for chickens? Artificial insemination.
  13. ShinShien

    What am I?

    "What'm I? All I know is I came from a little cream-colored egg, my father is a cuckoo marans and I have feathered legs."
  14. ShinShien

    Welsummer hen attacked by neighbor's cat

    Tabitha went missing last night. Found her this morning on wrong side of my chain-link fence with Siamese cat stalking her. Anyway, got her back into coop, safe in insolation. She's molting, and several blood feathers and skin are missing from her tail. Doesn't look serious, but what do I know...
  15. ShinShien


    The chicken up-front is Splash, my favorite of 6 blue Ameraucanas. She/he's almost 4-months-old, and I'm not quite sure what gender it is. The chicken peeking out from behind Splash is the Oddball, who lacks muffs that the breed is supposed to have.
  16. ShinShien

    Post the Lyrics of the Song You're Currently Listening To!

    Don't know if a thread like this exists. If apologies. It's simple. If you're listening to a song, post its lyrics here. Sleipnir - Manowar He has descended from giants His father Loki god of fire Was the sworn blood brother to Odin Himself He rides across land, sea and air, From the...
  17. ShinShien

    ShinShien's RPers Lounge

    This is nothing fancy. I made this thread so RPers can come and relax. IE. Not Role Play!! I'll start it off...hello, fellow RPers! You know who you are.
  18. ShinShien

    Neighbor's pet cats, barn cats or feral cats...

    I can't tell the difference, but when they threaten my chickens, it doesn't matter. So yesterday, I'm heading for Wednesday bible study, it's only 4:30. The chickens are happily wandering in the yard, picking, pecking, etc...I thought about locking them up early but didn't. Fast-forward to when...
  19. ShinShien

    Rooster Booster multi-wormer...why won't my chickens eat it?

    Not sure if this should be in the Disease forum or here. I've read how well this stuff works, but how do I convince my chickens to eat it? They get layer pellet, but they easily pick around these green wormer pellets.
  20. ShinShien

    Chick can't stay upright

    I have 6 blue Americauna (sp?) 5 appear to be alright. They run around, eat, poop, drink fall asleep randomly. 1 eats a little, drinks less, runs wildly for a second then flops over *this is when it bothers to move at all* Suggestions to help it would be appreciated.
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