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  1. GC-Raptor

    Will my Chickens come out of their coop?

    Not today, at least not now. We got 7 inches of snow last night. I shoveled both pens and one Barred Rock came out, crackles and goes back inside. My Golden Comets stayed inside too. GC
  2. GC-Raptor

    Fox caught on camera ---

    Fox caught on camera leaving the area after failed attempt at digging under fence at 4:30 yesterday morning. The fence is buried several inches along that side after three years of adding bedding material. I didn't bury the fence or add an apron at the time I erected the fence. The Hens were...
  3. GC-Raptor

    So Eggcited

    I found my first egg today from my Barred Rocks. A tiny egg just 35 grams/1.25 ounces.. Shown next to a ceramic egg. Shown next to Golden Comet eggs here 75 and 76 grams.. I'm so excited one of my 20 weeks old Barred Rocks has started to lay. This is my second Flock. The smallest egg ever. My...
  4. GC-Raptor

    Nuts for Oyster Shells.

    My 17 week old Barred Rocks went crackers over Oyster Shells this morning. One or more were showing interest in a nest box, always had access since 7 1/2 weeks. I noticed one nest the straw was made into a bowl shape. . So I added a ceramic egg to each yesterday. Today I hung a bucket with...
  5. GC-Raptor

    Barred Rock Pullets ?

    That's what the sign read. My girls are 13 days old and the wings and tails have grown rapidly on half. Are there cockerels in the brooder? Or a different breed. The first Pic is 7 days old. The rest are 13 days old. GC
  6. GC-Raptor

    All-Flock Pellets at my TSC

    I discovered Naturewise All-Flock Pellets at my local TSC website today, and they also have Hearty Hen Soy Free 18% Pellets with Flax. Both 40# bags $15 and $16 respectively. Yea. GC
  7. GC-Raptor

    Bags with no tag

    I went to my local TSC to buy feed. They had two 25# bags of Non-Medicated Start & Grow with the same mill date but no Analysis tag. It was not removed. I have seen bags that someone removed the tags. They also had 2 bags on the same shelf with an older mill date and they had tags. I bought one...
  8. GC-Raptor

    4 hens, 2 nest boxes, is that enough.

    Not today. I frequently see a hen waiting, rarely see 2 in a nest. My 2 year-old Golden Comets have been early layers sence the beginning. I used to have 5 hens and saw a hen waiting 2/3 times a week. Iess often with 4.
  9. GC-Raptor

    Coopers hawk attacked my Golden Comets

    Just before noon today. I heard my girls making a racket and looked out and saw them hiding on one side of the coop. By the time I got out there, feathers were every where and I only saw 4 of my 5 girls. I saw the cooper's hawk in a tree and it flew off. I followed the feather trail but didn't...
  10. GC-Raptor

    First Jumbo Egg

    At nineteen and half weeks I got my first jumbo size at 71 grams. What's strange about that is all of the other eggs I have, 36 of them, are between 42 and 55 grams. One of the girls went from medium to JUMBO. I haven't got a large or EL. Now only one of the five girls have not laid yet, or has...
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