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  1. twisted-acres-farm

    Why am I still getting small to peewee eggs from my 11 month old Ligth Brahma's??

    The youngest hens I have are 11 months old and I am still averaging 30 to 35 % Medium/small eggs. Was wondering if this will ever stop or not?? Had one hen go broody and hatched out 8 chicks from 10 eggs. Lost 1 chick and others are about 2 months old. @ more hatched out some chicks and...
  2. twisted-acres-farm

    Any one else ever have an egg inside an egg??

    So my 8 Brahma light hens are a little over 6 months old and have been getting some nice eggs from them. I have one who lays a very large egg and always a double yolker. This I like and accept as relatively normal. The other day found a MONSTER egg which weigh over 5 oz and was 6 3/4...
  3. twisted-acres-farm

    what size to build nest boxes for Brahma'a

    Ok this has probably been covered but I sure can't seem to find the post. Will be getting Brahma's this spring and I know that the nest boxes in the coop I have are going to be to small!! Was thinking of making the new boxes 16 x16 x16 or is this to large plan on putting them about waist...
  4. twisted-acres-farm

    number of brama's can I keep comfortable

    Hello All: Working on getting coop and run ready for getting chicks next spring. The main coop is 18 x 20 ft with a cement floor and the planned run is 185 x 110. Just wondering how many of the light brama's I can keep in relative comfort with out them destroying the run. Also what...
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