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  1. beaglex3

    Comment by 'beaglex3' in article 'Integrating new birds at 4 weeks old'

    we had 2 broody hens surrogate-sit on 2 eggs from my son's hen + rooster. they hatched in the nesting box in the coop with 25 other hens. my husband told me i should take them out and brood them in the house with a heat lamp, but i wanted them to be able to stay with their mamas and let nature...
  2. beaglex3

    When do newly hatched chicks start drinking and eating?

    we had one chick hatch out this morning. another is pecking its way out, and a 3rd is due to hatch in 2 days. a week ago i tried to move the broody and the eggs to a separate area but the mother refused to sit on the eggs so i put her back in the coop with everyone else. the nesting box they are...
  3. beaglex3

    Hen crowing for attention

    I noticed yesterday that this same hen who crows for cracked corn is now getting spurs on the backs of both legs. Her name is queen Elizabeth, and she is definitely establishing her rule over the rest of the flock! Does anyone else have a hen who has taken on rooster traits?
  4. beaglex3

    Hen crowing for attention

    we have a hen who started crowing for treats. i keep cracked corn in the garage that i use as yard scratch. if it has been a few days since i have thrown any out for our 17 hens, she will come into the garage, stand right in front of the scratch bucket and crow. that is the absolute only time...
  5. beaglex3

    my hen's comb got smaller

    thank you for sharing your wisdom. the ladies are molting now, and that thought did cross my mind as the cause of her shrinkage, but since she's 5 years old and i don't remember this happening in the past, i disregarded it as a possibility. but with your thoughts going in the same direction, i...
  6. beaglex3

    my hen's comb got smaller

    we have a barred plymouth rock whose comb was so big it flopped over to one side. we named her queen elizabeth because my granddaughter said her comb looked like a floppy hat like the queen wears. i was giving treats to the hens yesterday and looked for queen, but didn't see her. i called again...
  7. beaglex3

    WEIRD or ODD Eggs pics!!!! :)

    I found this in a nesting box. It was slimy and solid an feels like rubber.there was an egg yolk in the straw next to this. Is this ok or should I be looking for a sick chicken?
  8. beaglex3

    what age do you put the young hens in with the older ones

    we have 6 pullets, who are 3 months old today. i have had them separated from the "elders" since we got them. we brood them in the garage and the last 6 weeks they have had free range of the garage (yes, we have poop all over...UGH) where we have a large pen where they roost at night. during the...
  9. beaglex3

    coccidosis stunted growth?

    i have been looking thru byc for any advice on coccidiosis and found that adding acv with the mother can help treat/prevent it. is that enough to do, or should i put all of the chicks on medicated feed? i put the sick chick in a separate brooder and have been dipping her beak in electrolyte...
  10. beaglex3

    coccidosis stunted growth?

    we got 7 chicks from tractor supply on march 21, 2015. all are black australopes. all were healthy and happy from the start. as 6 began to grow, one was runty. the others began getting tail & wing feathers while this one stayed looking like a day old chick. 2 weeks later, 6 of them are...
  11. beaglex3

    Comment by 'beaglex3' in article 'Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!'

    i think we have plenty of vents--4x8 and 4x12 inch along the top of all 4 walls, but the problem is that our roost boards also run around the top of the coop, right under, and in some cases, in front of the vents. fine in most weather, but last year we had a crazy bad winter, with weeks of sub...
  12. beaglex3

    2015 BYC Calendar - Your Pictures Needed!

    Lianimals, you need to post the photo right on the thread. goodluck. it took me a while to figure out how to do it. not too tech savy, me
  13. beaglex3

    2015 BYC Calendar - Your Pictures Needed!

    I know the top one isn't a chicken and don't know if it qualifies, but spring brings spring flowers, and more eggs! the bottom one is a beautiful fall photo of our roos, Willie & Jack.
  14. beaglex3

    Bald butt and swollen below vent.

    thank you for the reply. she is still in isolation, but isn't eating now, unless i hand feed her treats like strawberries or watermelon. she hasn't had any chicken food for 2 days. she drinks a little but i still am having to encourage her to drink with the syringe. yesterday she had 1 poop...
  15. beaglex3

    Bald butt and swollen below vent.

    i caught michelle and soaked her bottom and massaged her with bag balm. she allowed me to do it but it seemed to stress her out badly. she did the gasping for air thing with her beak and when i put her in the dog crate i had ready, she just flopped over and lay there.i worried i had killed her...
  16. beaglex3

    Bald butt and swollen below vent.

    our barred plymouth rock, michelle, has a big red swollen bottom. worried she was egg bound so tonight i lubed a gloved finger and went in. yellowish watery stuff came out. i went in as far as i could and felt a sphincter, which i am assuming is where she poops from. it was the only orifice i...
  17. beaglex3

    Roosters and the color red?

    our rooster only attacks me if i am wearing my favorite sweats, RED, or my favorite crocs, RED. if i wear any other pants or shoes he totally ignores me. he has never attacked my husband or son, and they don't ever wear red. i used to think it was coincidence, and maybe he was just crabbier on...
  18. beaglex3

    Chickens 101

    Lazy gardener...i'd love a picture of the chickens getting their junie b story time. 1. i LOVE my chickens :-) 2. ohhhh, my chickens make me so mad >:-/ 3. i feel like i really am learning a lot about chickens :-) 4. i don't know squat about chickens :-\ 5. we're getting SO MANY EGGS :-o 6...
  19. beaglex3

    Hens stopped laying eggs.

    we have 14 hens that are 18 months old and 5 that are about 7 months old. the older ones are barely laying...maybe 1 or 2 eggs a day, if we're lucky. the younger hens are laying about 3 eggs a day. we have lights set to come on about 5 a.m. but not to extend on the night end of the day, so they...
  20. beaglex3

    15 Month Old Hens Not Laying

    we have 14 hens that are 18 months old and 5 hens that are 7 months old and we have only getting 2-5 eggs a day for about a month. it's obvious from the size of the eggs that the younger hens are laying 2-3 of the eggs. some days we get only 1 or 2 larger egg from the 14 older hens. the younger...
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