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  1. Portia

    Broody with eggs

    I have 2 verified broodies and possibly a 3rd (love my speckled sussex and salmon favorelles). Little speck is always my first verified broody of the season and occasionally I'll get 2 hatch/raises out of her; she's the best mama hen I have, very doting and will stay with the chicks until they...
  2. Portia

    Sharing the joy

    While out taking pictures of our auraucana girl that just started laying, I snapped some general pictures of the flock. They looked so happy, and that made me I thought I'd share the joy Enjoying some morning yummies Featuring Bret Favorelle, our main rooster Flying in to...
  3. Portia

    Blue eggs!

    My auraucana from hinkjc has started laying! Some pictures, of course. Ms. Duckie...she's very shy Her main man, Goldy The two of them together ....and... little BoneFu and his/her surrogate mother (mama is a SLWxWelsummer mix)
  4. Portia

    Wild Turkeys

    One of the local wild turkey flocks arrived in our front yard this morning to check out the chickens (and our one turkey) foraging in the front yard. Upon watching, the wild flock is a brood of 12+ juveniles and their mom, who went after our turkey (he's a wild tom) showing all her stuff as he...
  5. Portia

    Eastern Wild Turkey

    Earlier this summer there were 2 EWT poults and what was called a domestic turkey poult at the farm supply around the corner. Well the domestic white was not a turkey, unless turkeys come with combs. One poult 'disappeared' as happens with free range birds. The other and the chick were happily...
  6. Portia

    Salmon Favorelle Rooster FS South Central PA

    I have 2 roosters that need new homes. Both are 16 weeks and have been happily free ranging with my flock. One is a Salmon Favorelle, the other is a Salmon Favorelle x SLW. They haven't been handled much, but as free rangers go they are friendly. They can go separately or together. Must...
  7. Portia

    Salmon Favorelle

    The favorelles are starting to hatch! So far we have 2 and 1 that didn't make it b/c it was in a double shelled egg and by the time I got home from work it had suffocated There are several more eggs, so we'll see what kind of hatch we get!!
  8. Portia

    Nest scouting

    My roosters like to scout out potential nesting sites, and after careful inspection entice the girls to check them out with some come hither cooing and clucking. Here's Brett Favorelle, in what he thinks is a dandy new spot to cultivate some offspring Brett thinks he's onto something as the...
  9. Portia

    SOLD - 6 Salmon Favorelle over Speckled Sussex Eggs

    Anyone interested in hatching out some of these. We have hatched out 2 roos and 1 pullet (pictures below). They all present with 5 toes and feathered legs, the muffs showed in 2/3. Coloring is beautiful and temperament can't be beat. Of course, we've only hatched out 3 of these, but the...
  10. Portia

    ISO northern bobwhite quail eggs

    The tag line kind of says it all....looking for 10-12 as soon as possible, I have a broody waiting.
  11. Portia

    WTB Northern Bobwhite quail eggs

    My incubator is happy and nestled in her nesting box, ready to hatch out some eggs! Looking for 10-12 northern bobwhite quail eggs. I'm in south central PA.
  12. Portia

    Just had to post this *pic*

    My speckled sussex and her brood settling in for the night
  13. Portia

    Where's Waldo?

    I love it when all the chicks hide in the hen's feathers. There are 9 of them in there somewhere, her feathers move independently of the rest of her when they are climbing up in her. Where's Waldo? All fluffed out...are those some extra legs? A short clip of the mysteriously moving feathers...
  14. Portia

    Last call on free roost in south central PA....

    I have 4 roos that need re-homing or its off to freezer camp; poor fellas. Dorkus is a 23 week old SLW over a BR, a sweet boy with a wonderful deep voice and beautiful comb. He's second roo but he'd really like a flock of his own. The twins, 15 week old Salmon Favorelle over Speckled...
  15. Portia

    Bobwhite quail male to female ratio

    What is the typical ratio for number of females per male for bobwhite quail? Are they like livestock birds or more like wild birds that tend to be more 1:1? thanks
  16. Portia

    Chicken Diapers!!

    I often have chickens that want to explore the house every now and then. Usually, once they have their fill of that adventure they don't ask to come in again. Anyhow, since chickens do one thing VERY well, something to keep their droppings off the carpets and rugs is kinda important. A simple...
  17. Portia

    Thinning flock in southcentral PA

    The flock is getting bigger and the coop isn' it's time to rehome. We have several mixed breed, brown egg hens & roosters. Some of the hens are started, some aren't. For pick up only.
  18. Portia

    ISO Northern Bobwhite Quail Eggs

    I know its kind of out of season, but I have a broody and would like to hatch some out early if possible.
  19. Portia

    The Holiday brood

    Here are some pictures of my broody with the chicks that she hatched out on Thanksgiving eve/Thanksgiving. Today I did the first real count when I moved the whole lot along with mama out of the nest box to give it some fresh straw & there are 6 and 4 more unhatched eggs that I'll leave...
  20. Portia


    The second week in November we took a long weekend and went kayaking off the seaside coast of the Delmarva Peninsula down in VA. For at least an hour of the paddle 30-40 dolphins accompanied us, at first feeding, then playing and wrestling around our kayaks. Life doesn't get much better than...
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