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  1. MoonShadows

    Can I safely use this chicken poop?

    I have 4 - 5 gallon pails of chicken poop that was collected last summer. I never composted the poop. It has just been sitting in these pails all this time. Would this be safe to work into my garden soil around my young plants or might it burn them because it was never composted?
  2. MoonShadows

    Hey Folks, I am sure a couple of you are aware of, in fact I've seen you there, of another forum sponsored by BYC. It is called SS is not nearly as large as BYC, and it has gone through it's ups and downs, but it is a GREAT place to discuss anything self sufficient. Good...
  3. MoonShadows

    Your Favorite Homestead Resource

    As a homesteader, I am constantly learning. I like to spend my early mornings (I get up at 3:30), with a cup of coffee at my computer or thumbing through one of my homestead books or magazines checking out what other homesteaders are doing to live a simpler, more self sufficient life. I get so...
  4. MoonShadows

    Brooding new chicks in the coop...what problems will I face?

    I haven't bought new chicks in a few years. My flock is down to10. They have an 80 sq ft coop with a 160 sq ft run and are allowed to free range on a few acres almost every day unless the weather is dreadful. I have ordered 15 new chicks. I plan to make a brooding section under the poop board in...
  5. MoonShadows

    Exposing the Fraud of Grocery Store Organic Eggs

    A friend of mine sent me this article entitled: "Exposing the Fraud of Grocery Store Organic Eggs". I thought it might be of interest. This is the accompanying video. The link to the article is below the video. Article...
  6. MoonShadows

    What I've learned from free ranging

    Like most of you, I originally built my coop and run like a virtual fortress, a reverse jail so-to-speak...keeping the innocent behind alcatrazian walls of wood and wire, and keeping the public enemies like hawks, foxes and raccoons out. I kept this "recommended" formula for a year and a half...
  7. MoonShadows

    Moving my chickens to their new summer house

    Two years ago when we built our coop, we built it close to the house. The first 1 1/2 years we kept the chickens in their run, but last November we started letting them free range. Now that we have decided to fix up the backyard this summer and put a fence around it to keep them out, I want to...
  8. MoonShadows

    At 22, she is building her own straw bale house

    At 22 years old, my niece is building her own straw bale house in Ithaca, NY. Jim
  9. MoonShadows

    Tag Team Brooders

    Well, after having our chickens for 14 months, one of our New Jersey Giants went broody. First it was just a few eggs in the nest, but that began to grow until there were 21 eggs she was sitting on. A few days ago one of our new Hampshire Reds started "relieving" our Jersey Giant, and since...
  10. MoonShadows

    The Paleo Diet

    Is anyone else here familiar with or following the Paleo Diet? We came across it a few months back and have been following it for a while now. As a result, we have lost some weight (without trying!) and have never felt better. We've seen improvement in our mood, thinking, energy levels, and just...
  11. MoonShadows

    How often to clean out deep liter?

    I put my chickens in their coop back in May (6 months ago). I started with 2-3 inches of wood chips and added a 1/2 bag every couple of weeks. I must have an average of 5-6 inches in the coop now....more where they "hang out", less under the nipple waterer and feeder area (they seem to keep that...
  12. MoonShadows

    Winter With Chickens: To Heat or Not Heat the Coop

    Alternatives to heating your coop: This guy heated his coop and his chickens got mites...
  13. MoonShadows

    3 DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

    In this weeks GRIT Magazine Newsletter: 3 DIY Chicken Coop Ideas
  14. MoonShadows

    ENDED - JUDGING STARTED - Coop Page Contest Summer 2013

    ENDED - JUDGING STARTED - Coop Page Contest Summer 2013 So where does one go to participate in the judging? I remember judging coops in a previous contest, but I can't find any link for this one. Thanks.
  15. MoonShadows

    Free Coop and Run Plans from Ana White

    I came across Ana White's website when I was looking for greenhouse plans. She has a lot of nice, free plans spanning many indoor and outdoor projects complete with materials list, tools list, and a PDF version you can download and print. Doesn't get much better than that when you are talking...
  16. MoonShadows

    Do you have a fresh egg stand?

    Driving along, I love it when I see a Farm Fresh Egg Stand. There is a woman a couple of miles from me who has one. She sells her farm fresh eggs on the honor system...and doesn't get ripped off. In fact, at the end of the day, there is often "extra money" in the jar for the amount of eggs she...
  17. MoonShadows

    Goats for Milk, Cheese & Meat

    For any of you who raise goats for milk, cheese and meat, how did you get started? What's a good resource to start learning about raising goats for these purposes? OOPS! Just realized after I posted this, that I should have posted it in "Other Pets and Livestock."
  18. MoonShadows

    Two Too Many Roosters

    My chicks are almost 8 weeks old. When I ordered I thought I was getting 15 hens and 1 rooster, but it seems (to me) I have two Delaware Roosters and 1 New Hampshire Rooster. Out of my 4 Delawares, 2 have pronounced deep red combs and wattles already. Last night I saw them "play...
  19. MoonShadows

    When to turn off the light?

    My chicks have had light 24/7 for the past 6 weeks because of their heat lamp. They no longer really need the heat lamp, and my coop is still not finished (it will have plenty of natural light.) If I shut off the heat lamp, should I still provide some "small" light to transition them to night...
  20. MoonShadows

    Question about the deep liter method

    I was reading a few articles today about the deep liter method and how it starts to compost right in the coop, the coop doesn't smell, it's beneficial microbes actually help control pathogens, so chickens are less susceptible to diseases, and you can use it right in the garden without composting...
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