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  1. tdgill

    what is this? ?

    No special change in diet except increase in protein to 20% layer pellets...scratch grains...peas...romaine lettuce. Duck seems otherwise normal activity but either less preening or occasional fluffing up
  2. tdgill

    anyone use 5% ivermectin on cats?

    we have a miserable looking stray that is visiting us. I have fed her and watered her (poor kitty was VERY thirsty!) and she has bumps all around her ears and neck and is itching...I think I might try some of the 5% ivermectin pour on for her. Thinking the dosage of 1/4cc is good?
  3. tdgill

    Feeding Ducklings free ranging with Chickens

    I just figured out a way to let my ducklings out to free range and eat their start and grow without my laying hens gobbling it all up first. I hung my garden hose over a chair near the duckies feed pan and duck taped it...turned the nozzle so it just barely sprinkles and voila! It keeps the...
  4. tdgill

    need general advice/chat about ducks

    I have my first batch of ducklings 2 months old now. Was wondering what my time frame is for being able to keep them all together vs pairing them off or selling trios etc...also with the ducklings i have their mom and dad...
  5. tdgill

    Selling Ducks

    Hi folks, I have 11 ducklings 2 months old. Just starting to pinpoint who is who, quack vs rasp. I might go separate them one at a time behind the gate to see if I can determine a quack for help. lol. Anyway, someone suggested the best way to sell off ducks is to be as thoughtful as possible and...
  6. tdgill

    PA Man Fined for having ducks “The borough will present evidence in an effort to show that there was a violation,” he told "The resident who is accused of violating it will also have a chance to do...
  7. tdgill

    Dog Eating Bad Egg

    Hi folks, My dog is acting a bit strange...I saw him eating an egg that had broken and was outside all day. Any info?
  8. tdgill

    Keeping a Window ON TOP utility. I LOVE IT

    Handy to use in many multitasking scenarios. Watching an auction, watching a cam, entering info from one window to another... here's the link i found
  9. tdgill

    Anyone watching any eagle cams?? where???

    I wish I had seen the florida cam sooner. Babies are so big already. I miss eagle cam
  10. tdgill

    integrating mallards

    Seems my bigger girls wanna wrestle with the mallards. I am afraid of someone getting hurt. Trying to integrate slowly, still have to clip wing before I bring them out of the pen..
  11. tdgill

    Mallards anyone?

    Looking for people and posts with mallards. I just adopted two ducks of the flying
  12. tdgill

    Need advice or GOOD NEWS!!!!!

    To Fly or not to Fly. I just adopted two ducks, a mallard "mix" drake and a rouen hen. Well, stupid me. I was told that they don't fly - just about two feet hops you know...and was putting them into a bigger pen with a pool and the hen flew off!!! What to do with the drake? I have 7 girls he...
  13. tdgill


    I have strung one of those spools of heavy duty sticky fly tape on the outside of my patio door on my hanging plant hooks above head height. Went back and fourth till I had about 4 lines of it. And MAN is it catching alot of bugs...
  14. tdgill

    Does anyone have cats with asthma?

    Just thought I'd share some info I've gleaned. We thought our cat had hairballs but couldn't expel them. I watched some youtube videos to see what I could see.... also, there's an excellent yahoo group and a website on Fritz the Brave :-)...
  15. tdgill

    Anyone Else Busy Breaking Broodies?

    My girls have spring fever! I missed one morning egg collection and everyone went haywire! Just as soon as I got two of them over it, two more decided to go broody. I felt sorry for one mamma hen cause she plucked a bunch of her feathers out already so I let her have 6 eggs...I wish I could let...
  16. tdgill

    the movie KES here....

  17. tdgill

    "KES" my new favorite movie

    You folks in the UK know what I'm talkin' about :-) It's taken a few viewings to get most of the dialogue figured out....but I've enjoyed every one! oxoxoxoo anyone else love this movie?
  18. tdgill

    Anyone else see the movie 'Ring Of Bright Water'?

    Just saw this on TCM channel right after watching Born Free. Was curious to see Ring - since the same two actors that starred in Born Free also were starring in this movie. And it was about a man and his otter. Absolutely adorable. It's also available on youtube
  19. tdgill

    Not young rats. Voles!

    lol. Thought my cat had killed a couple young rats. But they didn't really look like rats....ears were almost non-existent. Did some research this morning and finally figured it out. Voles. That also explains the tunneling in the front yard. I think.
  20. tdgill

    Finding lots of chickweed!!

    Just noticed a bunch of chickweed growing up on last season's corn field next to my mother's house. I had a big garbage bag filled in no time. Talk about a feast! I grab a big ball of it and walk around while using big sharp scissors to cut it up smaller for the hens and The ducks get it floated...
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