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  1. LuckysMum

    hot weather

    Hi everyone I'm still very new to rearing chicks. I am in Perth Australia and today its 99. or 37.8 C. How hot can my 7 week old chick and 1 1/2 week old chicks cope with? The next few days are going to be 42 degrees C. I have them in my patio with a fan on at the moment the are doing...
  2. LuckysMum

    not a fluffy chick

    Hi I've hatched 6 silkies the last to hatch has crooked toes though it seems to walk fine. It doesn't have alot of fluff it seems a bit stubbly especiaaly down its back. Its also smaller than the rest. Does anyone have any ideas or help? Thanks I'm very new to hatching though I've had Isa Browns...
  3. LuckysMum

    new mum

    Lucky hatched 3 weeks ago. The only one out of 12 hatched by my Isa Brown (have 10). Hence Lucky. Yesterday 6 silkies hatched and 2 australorps. new to hatching love the site.
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