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  1. fur-mum

    Help with breeds and genders of my 6 week old mixed flock of 11

    I think with those green legs, Dandelion is probably also an Easter Egger.
  2. fur-mum

    Horse Triplets. Hatching on 3/27

    I'd say yes, most likely. Because they're still juvenile they're not going to have the muscle development that a mature quail would have. even if they're the same size. Especially since neither of them appear to be meat birds.
  3. fur-mum

    Horse Triplets. Hatching on 3/27

    I still think they're colts... :oops:
  4. fur-mum

    Comment by 'fur-mum' in article 'Sandyks Chicken Coop'

    It's lovely! DH did an excellent job. :D
  5. fur-mum

    Necropsy *warning- graphic!*

    I think you did a very good job taking care of her, just based on the pictures of the oviducts. To me, it looks like, not only is there an egg ready to go, it looks like there are also developing follicles as well. My guess is she was going to start laying again soon. To me that says you took...
  6. fur-mum

    Thank you! She was my fave.

    Thank you! She was my fave.
  7. fur-mum

    Mail-Order Chicks on Their Way but I am confused???

    Just so you're aware, not all roosters are aggressive and attack people. My roo is ever watchful of his girls and tidbits when he finds treats, but he always respects me walking through without any issues. Its a shame that roosters often get a bad reputation because of a few bad ones. There's...
  8. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    How big do button quail get to be? (Not weight, but like basball size, tennis ball, etc)
  9. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

  10. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    I couldn't find it in the apple store... :confused:
  11. fur-mum

    How often do you get new birds?

    How old is the feed?
  12. fur-mum

    Duck and Potato Patch

    I didn't realize peppers and eggplants were nightshades. No one told my birdies either. They mowed down the pepper plants. :oops:
  13. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    It varies, I'm usually just trying to cook enough to give to doggos or feed back to the birds. I only do it when I've got an overwhelming excess of eggs and noone else wants any. I think the pin i found on pinterest said 15min at 350. Hahaha! No, though that's not a terrible idea...:gig ETA...
  14. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    They also break if you cook them in the oven, although it's a slower process so it just ends up with broken shells. No explosion :oops:
  15. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    You can't apparently... ;)
  16. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    She's lovely!
  17. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    @CoturnixComplex I so want a batch of your rainbow babies :love
  18. fur-mum

    ➡ Quail hatch along

    I love your set up!
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