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  1. fur-mum

    Viability of eggs

    I lost my favorite hen today, my roommate's dog broke through the electric fence and caught her. I'm heartbroken as she was the best little girl. She'd follow me around the yard and help me with gardening. I do have some of her eggs as she's the only one who's still laying, and she laid through...
  2. fur-mum

    Color genetics question

    I was wondering if anyone could help me guess at the color genes present in my hen? She’s white with gray present in her hackles and some of her longest tail feathers, as her primary flight feathers. Sorry , these are the best pics I have at the moment.
  3. fur-mum


    I've a 1 year old Easter Egger hen. She has been laying pretty reliably this year, but i'm getting a little worried. I've found 2 different eggs on the poop boards in the morning, once in February and one a couple weeks ago. She lays very strong thick shelled eggs most of the time, so I didn't...
  4. fur-mum

    Adding chicks to the flock.

    I purchased two EE chicks yesterday that look to be about a week and a half old. The plan was to put them under the broody outside with the rest of the crew. There are half a dozen outside ranging in age from two weeks to three. Put them under mama yesterday when it started raining. Seemed to be...
  5. fur-mum

    New peeps today!

    Got these peeps from the assorted bantam bin at tsc today. Any guesses on colors and or breeds?
  6. fur-mum

    Anybody know what these are?

    We got a bunch of chicks at tractor supply and can't figure out what this girl may be? Any suggestions?
  7. fur-mum

    incubator too hot

    My incubator went on the fritz and the temp got to 117F! Are my babies cooked?
  8. fur-mum

    Difference between OE and Ameraucana chicks

    Is it possible to determine the difference at birth? We got 10 ameraucana eggs and 16 olive egger hatching eggs. Problem is they're all in the same incubator. So is there a way to determine which are which after they hatch or will we have to wait til they feather out? We have limited space and...
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