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  1. kattfink

    Vet says Mareks... 2 girls down... another sick. I am DEVASTATED.

    Back from a vet trip without my 2 girls.. They had to be euthanised. One had become lethargic, sleeping standing up, not perching. The other, a rescue from cage farm, always had a limp and very funny looking. Her limp had worsened so off to the vet with them both. The vet said more than likely...
  2. kattfink

    Sick Hen.. What should I do???

    My 1.5 yr old hen has been laying down with her eyes shut on and off today. Every time I get stressed and worried she seems to make a recovery... She has been eating, I'm not sure about drinking. I gave them all multi vitamins in their water yesterday. I just went in to lock them up for the...
  3. kattfink

    Cracked maize and porridge

    I experimented yesterday and soaked oats and cracked maize in boiled water for 30min... The girls went NUTS for it! Is this ok for them to be eating? There were more eggs this morning than usual :-)
  4. kattfink

    Is my girl sick?

    The past 2 days my hen Crystal has been dozing during the day, standing up. Today she's not eating or scratching around. Is just standing in the corner of the run. Her eyes look different but I cant tell why. She hasn't laid for past 2 days either. She feels normal... Should I take her to the...
  5. kattfink

    Rescue Chickens can’t roost

    I rescued 4 Isa Browns from a caged environment. There were 50 of them all kept in a shed. They are approx 8 months old and very clumsy on their feet. I’m wondering if they have long term damage from being kept in cages? They struggle to step up onto things, and really stumble over a wooden...
  6. kattfink

    Adding 4 Isa Browns to our flock- look mistreated ☹️

    Today we bought 4 Isa Browns... The last of 50 a woman had. Apparently they’ve spent past 4 months in a shed as they had a fox problem ( all 50 hens) They are 35 weeks old and apparently moulting. 2 are so pale in face and combs. They have been eating non stop since we got them home 2 hrs ago...
  7. kattfink

    Australorp x Leghorn boy or girl?

    We were told this was a SHE but I'm pretty sure she was trying to crow this morning... Is 10 weeks old and much bigger than the female Australorpe x Isa sibblings. What do you think?
  8. kattfink

    Anyone used Aristopet Scaly Face & Leg treatment (for ornamental birds) on chickens???

    Just found a bottle of this at farm supplies shop. Would it work on chickens? My girl has scaly leg pretty badly. Thanks!
  9. kattfink

    Australorp X chicks sexing help!

    We have 4x 5 week old chicks. Australorp cross with ? I know 1 is definitely male (pic #1) Can I get some help? Thanks :)
  10. kattfink

    My chicken is suddenly limping :-(

    My hen started limping yesterday... I have looked at her feet and legs but can't see anything strange. It is quite a strong limp but otherwise she is well. Walking/limping around and eating as usual. What could the problem be? Thanks.
  11. kattfink

    Advice needed introducing new chicks...

    We have 3 hens, 2 reds and 1 bantam who is currently broody. My daughter wants more chickens (maybe 2) and has a friend with many 1 week old chicks. At what age can we take them and how do we go about introducing them? We have no idea! Sorry to be so naive!!!
  12. kattfink

    RIP Lucy

    I’m devastated Lucy died this morning she was lying down and breathing with her beak open. I rushed to the vet but she died there... I never thought I’d be so attached to a chicken! I cried so much at the vet and all the way home
  13. kattfink

    Poor Lucy’s face :-(

    My poor Lucy still looks terrible. I keep the bully who has done this to her separately. When she gets the chance she runs at Lucy and attacks her face!!! What can I do to help her feathers grow back? She is now the funniest looking girl
  14. kattfink

    Need advice ASAP. Is it too cold for my Lucy to be sleeping alone?

    We have had our 4 chickens for about 3 months now. My little bantam Lucy has always been picked on by mainly “Mavis”. She is standing up for herself much more now. Sometimes has a go at the other Bantam :hmm I have a smaller chicken house inside the enclosure. I put the main perpetrator Mavis...
  15. kattfink

    Pecked face and strange legs

    My poor Lucy has been picked on for a while now.. Her face is bare and injured- see pic. I bought Cetrigen but do not want to spray too close to her eyes. Can I spray some into a bowl and apply it another way? Also her legs don't look the same as my 3 other chickens... A friend said to coat them...
  16. kattfink

    2 months on and my poor Lucy is still bullied

    I posted a few weeks ago about my Bantam Lucy being bullied.Things started to settle down with my girls... Lucy became a little more assertive and seemed a little more included (see pic) But this morning she looked terrible. A lot of feathers missing from her face and neck. I rushed out and...
  17. kattfink

    Chicken being bullied :-(

    This is the first time we have owned chickens. We have 2 reds of some kind and 2 bantoms. We got them from the same guy 1 day apart. One bantam "Lucy" gets constantly attacked by one of the reds. She is always by herself and has lost all feathers around her head, and i noticed a scratch below...
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