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  1. Cowgirlgrace

    Why are pullets of Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons still solid?

    All of the Lemon Cuckoos I've seen that were pullets have been solid. The cuckoo only shows up in the males. I know in the first few generations the cuckoo is a male trait but shouldn't they be putting out barred hens by now? The Cuckoo Marans and Barred Rocks all have barred females. Or are...
  2. Cowgirlgrace

    Any difference in tenderness between 6,8 10 week CornishX?

    Obviously the weight will be different but wondered on tenderness and quality of the meat. Is it pretty much the same between 6 or 10 weeks (if they live that long) And a 10 lb bird should dress out around 6-7 lb? At what age are they generally 10 lbs?
  3. Cowgirlgrace

    Cornish X secret revealed! Ran across this and wondered if it is true.

    Sorry, I can't remember where I saw this on the internet but I did write it down and got curious to ask about it. This site said this was the Cornish X formula. I know it's supposed to be a heavily guarded secret but maybe some disgruntled employee leaked it. Who knows! Thought I would share...
  4. Cowgirlgrace

    Anyone re evaluate the rest of your life with kids gone?

    Wondering if anyone else has re evaluated the rest of their life after the kids are grown and wondered if the person you married, had kids and raised them with was the person you wanted to live out your days with? Did things change for the better with the spouse after raising kids or do you...
  5. Cowgirlgrace

    Delaware Cornish cross, Anyone have anything to report about results?

    I have been reading about folks working on this cross and wondered if anyone out there has any results they could share about processing age and weights? What the carcass looked like? Also, anyone have any pictures of what the cross looks like? There may have been something already posted but...
  6. Cowgirlgrace

    Predator hauled off 11 chickens in one night what could do this?

    I had something get into my coop last night and all that was left were 3 chickens that roost in the rafters and some pullets in a separate cage. There were some feathers in the coop and a few in the field next door with a bit of intestine but for the most part these chickens are just plain GONE...
  7. Cowgirlgrace

    Looking for non hatchery heritage Delawares in the Northwest

    I am interested in buying some Delawares, breeder stock, not hatchery. Preferably in WA state but Northwest OK. Does anyone know of someone? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  8. Cowgirlgrace

    Wry Neck in newly hatched chicks Genetic or Nutritional?

    Six months ago I purchased Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin eggs from a breeder and more than half hatched out with Wry neck. I euthanized them thinking it was a neurological defect. Contacted the breeder and she said she had hatched some with that also. Said she found the hen throwing those and culled...
  9. Cowgirlgrace

    Newly hatched chicks with Wry Neck, Genetic issue vs nutritional?

    Six months ago I purchased Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin eggs from a breeder and more than half hatched out with Wry neck. I euthanized them thinking it was a neurological defect. Contacted the breeder and she said she had hatched some with that also. Said she found the hen throwing those and culled...
  10. Cowgirlgrace

    Forgot to turn turner back on for a week! Anybody else?

    I just got a new Sportsman 1502 and you have to turn the turner on manual to take eggs in and out but you are supposed to turn the turner back on afterwards. Well, I just realized i forgot to do that and never wondered why the turner beeper wasn't beeping. Finally after a week I realized the...
  11. Cowgirlgrace

    Anyone have teenage to early 20's sons or got past those years? Wisdom

    Wondering if anyone out there has teen to 20's sons or been through those years and have wisdom to share? Discussions about respect etc just seem to go nowhere. I try and just keep plugging away to try and teach them. I am willing to let them live their own lives and suffer consequenses they...
  12. Cowgirlgrace

    Should isolated chicks with possible Mareks be put down?

    I have never had a case of Mareks in my flocks but recently had two 4-6 week old chicks in the same brooder exhibit possible Mareks about 2 weeks apart. If this contuinues and it turns out to be Mareks and there are surviving chicks they will be carriers. Should these surviving chicks be put...
  13. Cowgirlgrace

    What age do unwanted white earlobes begin to show up?

    This question may already have been asked but there were many pages to go through in my search. I have a few hens I mistakenly bred that had white earlobes. So I have a bunch of chicks from them and wondered at what age I will begin to see which ones might have the white lobes so I can cull. And...
  14. Cowgirlgrace

    Power out for 7 hours!!! What should I expect from my hatches?

    I have three incubators going with various stages of incubation. One is the hatcher with chicks due to hatch in 2 days. I covered them in Blankets and hoped for the best. When power came back on I checked the thermometers and they were around 70. Is everybody dead or dying? Has anyone else been...
  15. Cowgirlgrace

    Ignorant about Quail, Why do people have them, hunting?

    I have wondered this for a long time as I see in auctions lots of quail and they are very popular. I own chickens. The eggs are a normal decent size for eating and so is the bird. I know people hunt and eat wild quail but I never have. There seems to be many beautiful varieties and colors. So do...
  16. Cowgirlgrace

    Have new pullet they bought at Dells as Silver Wyandotte but solid blu

    I just bought a new pullet yesterday which the previous owners said they bought from Dells as a Silver Wyandotte? or possibly a Silver Laced. Her body type looks to be an Orpington and her color is solid blue. I would tend to think she was a misidentified Blue Orpington but she has a rose comb...
  17. Cowgirlgrace

    Buff Columbian Cochin Bantam hatching eggs Show Quality

    Hi all, Am trying to locate some show quality Buff Columbian hatching eggs to improve type on my project Mille Fleur Cochin Bantams. If anyone has some for sale or knows someone who does let me know. Thanks
  18. Cowgirlgrace

    Is Lemon Barred the same as Buff Barred?

    Just curious about the colors because they seem the same to me. Is the lighter buff just called Lemon? If Lemon is different From Buff where does Lemon come from?
  19. Cowgirlgrace

    Chick pipped at the pointy end Can it get out?

    OK, confession. These are turkey eggs but the turkey threads are slow and I need to know. It should be interchangable plus hoping there are some turkey people on here. When a chick/poult pips at the narrow end of the egg can it turn properly to zip and hatch? It pipped on day 26 and turkeys go...
  20. Cowgirlgrace

    Hatch on day 26? normal? another one pipped at small end

    This is my first time with hatching turkeys. The day after I put them on lockdown I had one pip at the pointed end. 24 hours later still no progress. Shortly after that one pipped, another started and zipped right out after a few hours. So, is it normal for turkeys to hatch 2 days early? Temps...
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