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  1. Carcajou

    Missing Duck

    Will an older duck wander off to die alone?
  2. Carcajou

    Shredded newspaper for bedding

    Has anyone ever used shredded newspaper for bedding or mixed it in with shavings?
  3. Carcajou

    Post photos of your pond ducks!

    I can't resist posting pics of my four Khaki's swimming about our pond. Just took these a few minutes ago. Also the single of our little Buffy among the aspen leaves on the water. It is just so remarkable how she has recovered (see my post "Ducks and their ability to recover") and it is so...
  4. Carcajou

    Winterized my duck coop today

    Changed the bedding (the old bedding went to be incorporated into the garlic patch) and insulated the walls so my 4 Khakis will be nice and cozy if it ever gets cold this fall and winter. The 3 girls and Flighty (back to the camera) frolicking on the pond.
  5. Carcajou

    Ducks and their ability to recover

    Ducks have an amazing ability to recover. Though many of us have lost ducks in various ways many of us have had ducks recover from what we were sure life ending situations. I want to talk about my little Buffy here. She is a 3 1/2 year old Khaki Campbell who suffered a broken wing (trying to...
  6. Carcajou

    More ducks in the snow

    Snowing a drifting here today (again!) so thought I would start a new ducks in snow thread. More powdered sugar, Miss Lydia!
  7. Carcajou

    Wild mallards visit and mingle with my Khakis

    About 3 PM today I looked out the window at the pond to see what my six Khaki Campbells were up to. The first thing I saw were a mallard drake and two mallard ducks working the far edge of the pond. I quickly grabbed a camera and took a bunch of photos through the window. The visitors were...
  8. Carcajou

    The resiliency of ducks

    I would like to share about my Buffy's going from what we thought was surely the end of her time to becoming one of our dominant females. Buffy was received in the mail with four other girls in May 2012. She was always lighter than than her siblings (after becoming fully feathered) and was...
  9. Carcajou

    Happy Thanksgiving to all (with duck photos)

    A most Happy Thanksgiving to all. Couldn't resist posting photos of my Khaki Campbells spending Thanksgiving morning on the pond and asking, "Where is the outdoor TV so we can watch the Macy's parade?"
  10. Carcajou

    Ducks and trout frolick together!

    Here are some photos of my Khakis enjoying the sunshine yesterday and frolicking with the rainbow trout. I have one rainbow in my pond and he sometimes chases the ducks!
  11. Carcajou

    Lame duck healing very slowly

    First off it is coming up on one year ago that I put out a frantic request for help with my first duck emergency (or what I deemed at the time was an emergency) and I wish to thank everyone who responded so quickly. It has been a great year on the duck forum and the posts and various...
  12. Carcajou

    Khaki Campbells enjoying the monsoon season!

    I can't help but post some photos of my Khaki Campbells enjoying the past four days of nearly constant rain. It is such a joy to watch them forage and frolic in the wet lawn (which now is approaching hayfield status) and the new garden spot I recently tilled - it should be quite well fertilized...
  13. Carcajou

    Eggs missing

    I didn't think ducks could move their eggs so looking for a answer to the following: I have one Khaki Campbell duck that prefers not to lay in the coop with the others (all Khakis). She has built various nests this spring and lays four or five days then moves on as I collected the eggs every...
  14. Carcajou

    How do I upload a movie from my computer?

    The only options I can find are youtube or an url. Is there a way just to upload an MPG file from my computer similar to how we do photos?
  15. Carcajou

    Snow storm

    How are you New Englanders faring so far? Looks like you are getting quite a storm. Our forecast is for about half of what you are supposed to get. Suffice it to say I will be shoveling a path from the coop to the pond in the morning so my feathered pals can go for a swim. After being to...
  16. Carcajou

    Wild Mallard photos

    For three years before I had my Khaki Campbells a pair of wild mallards would spend a few days each spring foraging on my pond. Last year was the first year they did not visit as I had my first Khakis that overwintered at that time. I have always liked wild mallards and am fortunate enough to...
  17. Carcajou

    I love my ducks...

    ...and just can't resist posting photos of them! Here are photos of my six Khakis napping on this cold afternoon. Until they heard me approaching. I just never knew how enamored I would become with them. What treasures and sources of joy and contentment they are!
  18. Carcajou

    Ducks enjoying a winter day

    Here are some photos of my beloved Khakis enjoying a winter day here in the Catskills (I think I am obsessed with my ducks as I am with my grandchildren!). Lettuce feeding time What, no lettuce?? You only wanted a picture? Happy Holidays everyone!
  19. Carcajou

    Catskill Mountains in NY

    Hi, I'm from the Catskill Mountain region in New York and into raising ducks for eggs and insect control. Love 'em dearly! I can never resist sharing photos of my six Khakis swimming and foraging on my spring fed pond so herewith some pics from today. Any more NY duck addicts out there?
  20. Carcajou

    Ducks love rain and high water

    Got almost 3" of rain Thursday night and Friday so now my spring-fed pond is overflowing. Here are some photos of my six Khakis wallowing in the overflow inside their enclosure. They sure do like all the puddles created by the storm especially the high water in and around the pond. They can...
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