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  1. Spifflove

    Broody fail x 3

    I've attempted to hatch under a broody on 3 separate occasions. The result has been the same: After a couple of days the broody abandons the nest; the eggs are all covered in egg goo as if an explosion happened. Ambient temperature outside has been around 100 degrees. The nest has hay...
  2. Spifflove

    Saxony ducklings

    Looking for Saxony Ducklings want 12 but will take at least 7.
  3. Spifflove

    Preparedness and your health.

    It pays to be healthy. Whether surviving a downturn in the economy, unemployment, lack of health insurance or underinsured, or for increased productivity and overall happiness, the benefits of good health are endless. After all if you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. What...
  4. Spifflove

    Geese vs Muscovy Ducks

    So I sent my wife to the feed store, and she comes back with 3 Chinese Geese!!! Which begs the question: Is it better to have geese or Muscovies? Discuss.
  5. Spifflove

    Luckless Ducker

    Well I decided to start some flocks for self-reliance. But I soon leared that I didn't quite get what I wanted. I got a flock but now I rely on feed purchases; so no luck in self sufficiency. Furthermore, in trying to narrow down my choices for Duck breeds I have come to the following list...
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