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  1. CindyG


    Just wanting to show (off) what one of my EE girls is giving me. One every three days, must take that long to make it I guess. I'm so proud, you'd think I did it myself, :-)
  2. CindyG

    Operation Dry Hatch

    Seems like everyone has their own method, so it's whatever works for you. I use a Brinsea Mini Advance, and I love it, actually have two. Trying to keep my desire to hatch in check as if I had a large bator I would be overrun I know. I don't put any water in till lockdown, and run my temp at...
  3. CindyG

    Cindygs Member Page

    Life is good here on the East Coast of Nova Scotia. I've always wanted to keep chickens and have found that I excel in Chicken Math! DH could probably do with a few less, but he indulges me. My recent addition of a few Lavendar Orpingtons got a comment from him that included the word...
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  5. CindyG

    Another mysterious ailment story

    Thanks everyone, the hen died after a few days. I was managing to get a bit of vitamins and water into her but really, was just prolonging the inevitable. I wish I had gotten some chicks from her, she was gorgeous.
  6. CindyG

    Another mysterious ailment story

    Hi all, I also have lost a few hens recently to a mysterious ailment. Well, mysterious to me anyway. As another poster noted, they seem to just lose interest, tend to sit still for long periods of time, then stop eating and drinking. It's almost like they go into a zen state, or coma and...
  7. CindyG

    Is nothing OK?

    Thru the summer I usually clean the shavings out every couple of weeks but in winter I just keep adding to as the deep litter is an insulator from the cold floor. Also, when I put the new shavings in I just put a big pile in the middle of the coop and boy, do the chickens love to roll around in...
  8. CindyG

    Getting Started - Just finished the new coop.

    That is a nice set up you have there. I've found tho that I have to keep my birds out of my storage and working area. They poop on my tools, and, lay their eggs in my bundle of shavings. I've gone to scoop out new shavings and tossed an egg into the coop. It's all a learning experience.
  9. CindyG

    Finally I am getting the coop built!! Still in progress.

    Interesting that you put the walls up on the inside first, leaving the studding showing. Will you insulate and put up outside walls? Why did you do it this way? Inquiring minds....
  10. CindyG

    Newbie coop

    That's a nice backyard, but I think you're going to find that even two chickens can make a lot of mess. They don't understand that you don't want them up on your chairs and tables and leaving their little piles everwhere. Also, they scratch at the grass till they get down to bare earth. Maybe...
  11. CindyG

    My cost efficient chicken house... Feedback is def appreciated. *PICS*

    I have chickens and quail in my coop, in fact I broodered a lone silkie chick with my button quail and now she won't leave them. Better use hardware cloth as quail will slip through chicken wire no problem and they don't have the same instinct for returning to the coop. I have one coturnix and...
  12. CindyG

    So all I had to do was buy a is done update on page 8

    Looks like a great space for chickens, I personally am now looking for a bigger house (well, I don't care about the house, it's the property I need. I'm on an acre now, but need more!! That's how chicken (and goat) math works. Show us pics of your build. Good luck.
  13. CindyG

    Current coop and future plans **Pic Heavy** Advice welcomed!

    I call my set up "The Crooked Coop" and I earned that name with every off center stud and wonky corner. But the girls don't care. Keep them dry and fed and they're happy. Nice yard for them to free range in.
  14. CindyG

    New Octagon Coop Construction Underway - Progress

    Seriously, what a great job you are doing! When you say big, how big do you mean? Can you take a pic standing beside it so I can get an idea of proportion? Can't wait to be able to get the plans altho, with the detailed building pics you've been posting it should be possible to make a plan...
  15. CindyG

    The fortress is nearly complete!

    Cute story, and I know what you mean about the magic pencil, but what really caught my eye is the Conure in your avatar, is that a Jenday? That's what I have and he is so much fun. Not ready to run with the chickens tho.
  16. CindyG

    Crooked Coop

    My coop isn't crooked on purpose, but I went with it. I would pay good money for a how to plan for this one!! (AtholCoop's I mean) Think you best start writing this down and give us all a shot at it!!
  17. CindyG

    Help... Hen has stopped laying and won't come out of the nesting box

    I have two Serama hens, only young, have been laying for a few months now, and have gone Co-Broody. It's quite funny, they are in the same nest, flat as pancakes, hissing and fanning their tails when I come near. No eggs of their own, but each day one of the Orpingtons must kick them out for a...
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