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  1. kla37

    New Fenced in Chicken Yard!!! PICS!!!

    We fenced in the back corner of our yard just for the chickens! We lost one to a hawk this February, and they've been locked up in their coop/run a lot since then. Now that we have plenty of tree cover, they can play in their own little yard. Also making some covered A frames for them to hide...
  2. kla37


    Has anyone ever tried this? I don't really get what a "penny auction" is, and I've read online that some people just love it and others call it a real scam. Opinions? Thanks!
  3. kla37

    Lost chicken to predator for the first time. How long should they stay penned up?

    I had my first hawk casualty today. My head hen, Professor McGonagall, was attacked. I had just come home from a family outing, and I went in the backyard, and the hawk flew away from her. She was a beautiful barred plymouth rock! She wasn't the friendliest bird I have, but she was in...
  4. kla37

    Possum injuries, treated, but any additional advice appreciated!

    A possum got in my coop two nights ago and got one of my girls. She is an 18 month old partridge cochin. She seems OK, but I found some wounds on her. A friend held her in a towel and helped me clean them out. We used sterile saline to soak the feathers off, and I plucked the feathers that...
  5. kla37

    Possom in the coop, my first predator problem!

    I'm traumatized, so I just have to share. CRAZY 24 hours!!! A possum got in my chicken coop last night. I was outside at midnight, and heard a huge screaming ruckus in the chicken coop. I ran down there and let my 8 chickens out who were freaking out by the door to their run. There was lots...
  6. kla37

    Chickens not eating their feed!!!

    My flock of 8 chickens is on strike! They are not eating their chicken feed at all. They pick at it, but that's it. They have free range of our yard all day, but I don't think they can find enough to sustain them out there. I've tried 3 different brands of feed in the last 3 weeks, and they...
  7. kla37

    A SSCHOOL BUS hit me!!!!

    My first car accident ever....Well, since I'm 38, I guess I've had a good run of luck. A school bus, of all things, t-boned me this morning. I was just driving along, and the bus was exiting the middle school parking lot and didn't stop or look and hit me full in the passenger side. The whole...
  8. kla37

    Vote on a Name for cobra that escaped at Bronx zoo A friend of mine submitted the name Amaunet. Please vote for that name! It's an egyptian name meaning "hidden one" Kind of perfect!
  9. kla37

    Decorah Eagle web cam We've been watching this for a couple of weeks. The eggs hatched! 2 cute fluffy little baby eagles. Cool to watch!
  10. kla37

    Juvenile Squirrel would not go away! Cute Pics!

    We just had a little juvenile squirrel come up onto our deck, and he wouldn't go away! We tried shooing it with a broom, and it ended up following the broom. We got him out of the gate and shut it, so he just climbed in between the fence slats. I took him out to the woods a few times, and he...
  11. kla37

    First Chicken Bath!

    This evening I gave a bath to a chicken for the very first time! I checked a lot of posts here for advice and it was all very helpful. I had images in my head of an angry crazed wet chicken running around my house screeching, but it was honestly the EASIEST creature I have ever bathed...
  12. kla37

    Knut the famous German polar bear died! This is so sad! My youngest son loved Knut! His favorite book is a book about him as a cub. Very sad story!
  13. kla37

    National Goof Off Day!

    Happy National Goof Off Day! Must have been named in honor of our politicians.
  14. kla37

    FUNNY FUNNY article about really STUPID town law..... What an incredible bunch of boneheads.
  15. kla37

    Happy Pi Day!!!

    Happy Pi day! Everyone should celebrate by doing a little arithmetic for fun! 3.1415926535
  16. kla37

    molting question

    I want to know if chickens lose their feathers in any kind of order when they are molting. A couple of my chickens are losing some feathers on their bums, and in general look raggedy. They are eating and drinking fine, and I checked them all over for mites and there are no signs of anyone...
  17. kla37

    National Panic Day is Today!

    I had no idea, copied this from Panic Day Mar 9 Panic Day -- Run around all day in a panic, telling others you can't handle it anymore. Co-sponsored by the Sky is Falling Committee. Here's how one city came to terms with a Panic Day celebration: Miami_Herald Top 20 ways to...
  18. kla37

    Ladies not happy about pellets....

    I am trying to switch to pellets from crumbles to reduce waste of feed, and my girls are SO not happy about it. They are ticked, actually. Whenever they see me they start reading me the riot act and it is so pathetic! Will they starve? Will they eventually eat it? I tried this once before a...
  19. kla37

    News story about huge egg! So neat this made the news!
  20. kla37

    gardening question: Do you soak your seeds first?

    I was wondering is anyone soaks their seeds before planting them, either outside or when starting them inside. I know some you have to soak first, but things like peas, tomato seeds, pepper seeds, etc. Who soaks what and does it improve germination rates and speed up sprouting?
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