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  1. CindyG


    Just wanting to show (off) what one of my EE girls is giving me. One every three days, must take that long to make it I guess. I'm so proud, you'd think I did it myself, :-)
  2. CindyG

    Another mysterious ailment story

    Hi all, I also have lost a few hens recently to a mysterious ailment. Well, mysterious to me anyway. As another poster noted, they seem to just lose interest, tend to sit still for long periods of time, then stop eating and drinking. It's almost like they go into a zen state, or coma and...
  3. CindyG

    Egg Cartons

    Hi all, not sure where to post this question, mods please move me if there is a better place. Anyone know where to get new egg cartons IN CANADA?? I see lots on ebay but all from the US and shipping is huge. Thanks, Cindy
  4. CindyG

    Need advice on integrating

    My flock has two well established roosters, the Black Australorp being marginally ahead of the RIR in the successful mating game. The Black Copper Maran tries, but they keep knocking him off. Anyway, I brought home three BuffOrp hens and their Rooster, just a bit older so all pretty much the...
  5. CindyG

    Two dead in the last few days

    I have no idea why!? Last week I went into the coop in the morning and there was one of my Wyandottes lying dead on the floor. She was the runt of her hatch, was always in the coop, didn't even get down off the roost much except to eat as far as I could tell. Now, today, I went out to the same...
  6. CindyG

    Just showing off my new Serama chicks!

    They hatched yesterday and today, my first 100% hatch, got six of six. My own eggs, so that helps.
  7. CindyG

    Finally! It's my turn to share pics

    Well, this afternoon when I got home, this is what I found! I check the coops everyday, seems like I'm out there all the time, but I must have missed these as five were in the dark corner by the door under the nice nestbox and one was in the diagonal corner under the poopboard. Could I have...
  8. CindyG

    Need some advice on flock dynamics

    My older chickens (4-5 mths) have turned out to be 3 White Leghorn Roos, a RIR trio, a Black Australorp trio and (I think) a Buff Orpington trio. They free range and the 3 White Leghorns are jumping on any hen they can, the RIR and BA try but usually get knocked off by one of the WLs, and the...
  9. CindyG

    Hope I've done the right thing.

    FBCM eggs arrived this morning in the mail, having left Ottawa on Monday. It's been stinkin hot, I mean really unusually so for us, up around 85F so I decided to put them right in the incubator without letting them "rest". I know from previous experience with these eggs that candling doesn't...
  10. CindyG

    Ameracauna? and gender of my BOrp.

    I know this guy is a Rooster, but I got him as Ameracauna, and just want to be sure. Also, this BOrp has much redder comb than the others, so is it a hen closer to laying, or a rooster? Thanks.
  11. CindyG

    Hen in the corner

    I have four Ameracaunas among my flock, I think one roo and three hens (fingers crossed) Two pure white, (hens) two brown/white splash (one hen, one roo). Anyway, one of the white hens grabs the brown/white splash hen by the back of her neck and drags her all over the coop, the brown one...
  12. CindyG

    Wing feather length

    I have five LavOrps, just two weeks old now and there is a noticeable difference in the length of their wing feathers. Three go all the way to the tip of their rump, while the other two are still very "nubby". I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this could be an indication of gender? Of...
  13. CindyG

    My recent hatch

    Just have to show them off. Hatched yesterday and Monday, days 22 and 23. Got 5 from 13 shipped eggs, and they had me worried. Oh, they're Lavendar Orps.
  14. CindyG

    Any one know about muskrats???

    We seem to have one in our pond, saw him out there today munching on something...not a chicken, at least I don't think so!! No, he's fishing out there and enjoying his catch, but would he go after full grown chickens? Also, there may be an otter hanging around, not sure of that, but I think he...
  15. CindyG

    New coop moving ahead

    Slow going, but we're getting there. DH and I did floor, and framing, then my brother came for a visit and he's so good at this stuff (DH and I not so much) Anyway, he "fixed" a few things we didn't have quite right, also he cut and installed the rafters, then DH and I put the sheathing on...
  16. CindyG

    Building a new coop

    I have had my 8x8 for a few years, and we have just done a new run, actually, not quite finished there, but have taken a break from that and are framing a new coop, I have 18 birds in the downstairs brooder that HAVE to get outside. My husband and I are ok on theory, and I have a nephew who is...
  17. CindyG

    Run construction, had to share.

    My DH is "helping" me put the wire on the run. It's very hot today, and the chickens plus Becky (the dog) don't see why we should be working so hard. It's almost done, but now I need a whole new coop for the 18 younguns in the middle brooder in the basement. He laughs when I tell him about...
  18. CindyG

    Help with ID?

    The three little black ones are FBCM, but the two light ones came from a school hatching and I have no idea. They thought they are RIR, but I have some of those from another source, and they look nothing alike. Any guesses??
  19. CindyG

    chick just sitting in the egg

    Well, not sitting exactly but you know what I mean. Other eggs hatched right on time on the 8th, this guy pipped, and made a little hole, and now he's doing nothing. I can see him in there, his beak and eye, and he is breathing, but doing nothing. Humidity is up, and there is no membrane...
  20. CindyG

    Old incubator

    Hi all, have just borrowed an old incubator, Brower Model # 11670-3 but alas, no instructions!! Does anyone have one of these and could give me some pointers on it? I don't know much about them and can't even figure out where the little pieces fit, or how to attach the thermometer so any hints...
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