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  1. AlpineSpringsRanch

    The Chickens Of Alpine Springs Ranch

    It all started with 9 chicks picked up from a friend. 3 Splash Cochin's, 3 Silver Laced Wyandotte, and 3 New Hampshire Red....oh and 2 turkeys but I imagine they'll get their own page. These chicks were so easy I decided to order 25 from McMurray. And I had read about Chicken Math but...
  2. Recycled Re Purposed Brooder

    Recycled Re Purposed Brooder

    Materials List: Craigslist ALL wood (not particle board) Entertainment Center = $35.00 You could also theoretically use an all-wood bookcase. I was looking for ANYTHING half-way pretty and solid wood. Hardware Store Porcelain Light Fixture - 5 @ $1.49 ea = $7.45 Hardware Cloth -...
  3. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Alpinespringsranchs Member Page

    $20.00 Brooder Box From Brooder Box I have had the chicken bug for a while. Now we've been at our new home, 3 acres in sunny southern California, for a full year and still just have the three horses and two dogs. That has now changed. I have wanted to buy baby chicks for at least three or 4...
  4. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Our First Coop 2

    I started with 9 chickens and two turkeys...because my boyfriend thought my idea of ordering from a hatchery was a bad one and we should "start small" to see how things go, if the chicks live, etc. So we got the first batch of chicks from a friend of ours who also happens to raise chickens to...
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